Where Your Votes At?!


It’s that time of the week again! The time when I come home from my catering gig (which I’m totally owning, by the way. Just so ya know…), get onto the computer, read Tweets, read your lovely comments, and say: hey! YOU GUYS SHOULD VOTE FOR ME!

That’s right! I made it through to round THREE of Project Food Blog 2010, and you can help me get through to round four! All yous gots to do is click yo’ mouse. I know. It is that simple.

SO. Just in case y’all confused about what/where you’re going:

1. If you’re a fellow Featured Publisher, click the link below and click the heart! BOOM.

2. If you’ve already signed up because you voted the last couple of weeks, click the link, click the heart, BOOM-TASTIC.

3. If you’re not signed up (and WHY NOT?! Don’t you love me anymore?!), click the link, join up (free, easy, no spam AND you get to be part of an awesome community of foodies – hellooo!) and click the heart. BOOM-DIDDLY.

It is as easy as that. So c’mon guys, let’s keep the dream alive! Vote for me!…I feel like this is some kind of crazy, tired, whacked out candidate speech. I should kiss a baby. Who has a baby for me to kiss? Any takers? No? Okay then. I’ll be quiet now. Vote for me!


Until next time, you know the drill – peace and love.

Jax x

4 Responses to “Where Your Votes At?!”

  1. Monet Says:

    You have my vote sweet woman!

  2. Chef Dennis Says:

    I love your new site!! and of course you got my vote!

  3. sophia Says:

    Honestly, if I could vote twice…I would. I’ll just “like” this instead. Wait…there is no “like” button to this post!

    Okay, how about this: I like you! <3


  4. Jackie Says:

    Monet – and you mine, lovely lady! :D

    Dennis – aw, thank you m’dear, on both accounts! David did an awesome job with the site!

    Sophia – I LIKE YOU TOO! :D Wouldn’t it be funny if people had a ‘Like’ button on their person? When you decided they were awesome you could press the button and it would take a lot of the guesswork out of things. Although, having said that, there is no ‘Love’ button, so you’d be perennially stuck at ‘Like’. Lame. Is this too random? I’m kind of tired. I blame lack of sleep.

    Jax x

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