"What, Are You Chicken? CHEEP-CHEEP-CHEEP."


I’ve actually managed to do quite a lot of cooking over the past few days, pretty good, right? So I’ve got quite the backlog of recipes and write-ups to get through, luuucky you!

This particular recipe is brought to you by Momma Lee. It’s a favourite recipe of hers which she adapted from a friend, and is super simple to put together, especially as she uses pre-cooked chicken legs. Very refreshing for the summer and keeps well in the fridge. Pretty sure we’ve been eating it quite a lot over the past few days…

Although the recipe calls for a mayo dressing, I actually think this would work quite well with a vinaigrette dressing too. So if you want to keep things a tad healthier, omit mayonnaise and replace with a simple vinaigrette. The actual recipe is so simple it really only has two steps.

Momma Lee has very particular tastes and is uber critical of my food (she is, after all, my primary food tester) so when she says something’s good you know it’s good. I also know it’s good when she makes me make it over and over and over and over (etc.) again. She made me make my butternut squash risotto three nights in a row, including one night for a massive dinner party. She also made me make the linguine a la vongole about four nights in a row.

At least somebody’s eating my cooking.

I just need to mention as well, the quote in the title of this post? It’s from the most ridiculous film ever made, The Room. It was written, produced, directed by and starring a guy called Tommy Wiseau who (despite the fact that he has a very strong German/Eastern-European accent) claims to be American and is possibly the greatest tragedy to grace this planet. Ever. It was apparently released as a thriller but after audiences in the previews nearly died laughing was then billed as a “black comedy”. It had a limited theatrical release then went to DVD, and has since built-up a massive cult following. It apparently has midnight screenings which Tommy Wiseau attends and then gives Q&A sessions with the audience.

I first watched this film when I was living in Portland OR and studying at Reed College, with my playwriting class and professor in our very last class on the recommendation of one of my friends. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much, so hard or so frequently during any film before. It is so horrendously bad that it is absolutely hilarious. Definitely one of the most quotable films ever – right up there with Kung Pow: Fist of Fury.

Find it, watch it, be amazed. I’ve watched it again twice in the past two days. It’s just amazing.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this chicken salad as we’re getting to the end of summer (in the UK it’s already been dead and buried for a good month or so, sob). It is uber tasty.

Momma Lee’s Tangy Chicken Salad
Serves 4

8 pre-roasted chicken legs, skinned and roughly torn into bite-sized pieces
2 avocados, cubed
2 tbsps mango chutney
Handful of seedless red grapes, halved
Juice of half a lime
Mayonnaise, to taste
Salt & freshly ground black pepper
Cayenne pepper, to taste

1. Combine all ingredients for salad, add enough mayonnaise to coat and give it a good mix.
2. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper, add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper and serve.
3. That’s it. I know. Simples. Try to resist scoffing the whole thing at once. Goes very well as an accompaniment to a barbecue, or even as a main meal. Nom.

That’s all for now. Expect more from me very soon. There is so. Much. To. Share. Until then, peace and love.

Jax x

7 Responses to “"What, Are You Chicken? CHEEP-CHEEP-CHEEP."”

  1. "Professor" Smith Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation of "The Room". I am teaching video this semester, and it sounds like a good way to wrap up the course. I'll check it out. The chicken salad looks fantastic, too.

  2. Monet Says:

    I'm on the hunt for that movie…and I am sure I will enjoy it as much as I enjoy looking at all your lovely recipes and pictures of food! I'm glad that Momma Lee approved…that always feels good!

  3. Ashley Says:

    I'll have to watch that movie then :)

    So, Chutney is not easily found in California. Meaning, it's here but I'll have to look around for it. What is a good substitute?

  4. Chanel11 Says:

    I've never seen that film, will have to check it out.

    This salad is such a juxtaposition of flavours, I wonder how it tastes…

  5. Jackie Says:

    "Prof" Smith – thanks! Word of warning though: there are a lot of random sex scenes in 'The Room'. It's pretty hilarious because it's clearly Wiseau's idea of how couples show romantic love to one another (cue him ripping rose petals off a flower and throwing them on Lisa's bare chest), but if you're teaching video to a group of young-ish adolescents/kids it might not be particularly appropriate. It is very funny, though.

    Monet – I can email you a link if you have no joy finding it.

    Ash – let me know if you want me to email the link to you too; as for the chutney question, if you can't find it easily you could always include fresh mango instead. The tanginess of the chutney is a winner, though.

    Chanel11 – if off-colour unintentional humour is your thing then do, for sure! But like I said above, beware of the many, many (incredibly random) sex scenes. The funniest bit about them is the choice of music, though – steamy r'n'b. Wonderful. And yes, the salad is, but it tastes pretty good! Sometimes the most seemingly random flavours produce the best combinations!

    Jax x

  6. Mgoh Says:

    LOL! love that title! and enjoying your blog too :)

  7. Jackie Says:

    Aw thank you, Mgoh! :D Glad you're enjoying my rambling and recipes!

    Jax x

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