Glitter Absolves All Sins – Tesco Real Food Christmas Cupcake Decorating Competition Winners


One of the Judge’s finished cupcakes.

There are, largely, two branches of thought surrounding cupcakes. There is the ‘yay cupcakes! Tiny bites of yum!’ branch of thought and the ‘eh, I’m over it’ branch of thought. There’s even a food rumour going round that ‘pies will be the new cupcakes’, and if pies in a jar start popping up commercially then I may very well well jump on board the pie train (mhm, pie train…). However, until that time, I am rather firmly in the ‘yay cupcakes’ camp, and proud to be so.

When the Tesco Real Food team asked me to be one of their ten London bloggers to judge their nationwide cupcake decorating competition of course I said yes. Cupcakes were made and decorated, I judged with my judging eyes (oh little judging eyes, how thee judge so) and on Friday 10th December we Judges, along with the two winners of the competition, were invited to attend the Winners’ Day at The Make Lounge with professional cake decorating chef, Mich Turner of The Little Venice Cake Company to decorate cupcakes. Huzzah!

Mich is one of those astoundingly beautiful women who are possessed with not only grace and a charming sense of humour, but also the ability to decorate the heck out of a cake. I was shockingly late, thanks to the fact that I live in the aforementioned arsehole of West London and there had been a total lack of public transport available to me that day, so missed the earlier meet-and-greet with Mich, but made it in time to introduce myself as “the-girl-who-cannot-bake-or-decorate”.

Anyone who is regular round these here parts will know that my baking is more often a fail than a success. I never decorate cupcakes and rarely blog them. My skills with a piping bag are limited (read: non-existent) and I have never worked with fondant. Mich had brought two of her creations along to show the group what she does, which only further cemented my fears that nothing I could possibly achieve on this day would live up to her standards. I was, however, determined to press on, true Feeder Lady style, and even had the faint hope that maybe, just maybe, by the end of the afternoon’s activities I would produce something just as awesome. It, er, didn’t happen, but it was only a faint hope…

Supplied with champagne, orange juice and canapes, Mich first showed us how to make our own piping bags with baking paper (it really should’ve been a clue to how the rest of the afternoon was going to go when I was the only one at the table unable to fulfill this simple task), then pulled the fondant out of the bag and started molding it into all sorts of shapes. She worked effortlessly, all the while explaining what she was doing and happily posing for photos. Fondant roses and candy canes were the order of the day, and they looked awesome. They also looked easy to do. Ha, I thought, rather naively, this’ll be a piece of (cup)cake! Oh how wrong I was.

The wee adorable rose on the right? That’s Mich’s rose. The giant, ugly, pink lettuce on the left? That’s mine. It turns out that just because Mich makes it look effortless it most definitely is not. I made about five roses and instead of getting better as I went they were definitely getting worse and worse. By the time I’d got to my fifth they were not only giant lettuces, they were giant flat lettuces. I had far better luck with the candy canes, but then let’s be honest, that’s just a matter of rolling the fondant together and letting it sit! Nobody could really mess that one up.

Mich was wandering around checking over everybody else’s work, praising and encouraging, but every time she got to my station she would say, “hm… well, better… put some glitter on it, it’ll be better!” So I did. I put glitter on everything. I very nearly poured glitter all over myself in an attempt to make Mich proud of the girl who could not bake, but refrained only because glitter is the STD of the decorating world – it’s the gift that keeps on giving – and I didn’t fancy finding millions of sparkly speckles in unmentionable places two weeks on. I still did (strangely I found a good teaspoon’s worth in my bra later that evening, er…) but can you imagine the horror had I covered myself in it?!

Mich stopped me mid-glitter frenzy to show us all how to correctly frost a cupcake with a piping bag. She also taught us how to pipe buttercream leaves – the secret, apparently, is in building up the pressure just so and then giving a slight wiggle and releasing to form the shape. I was apparently much better at the frosting than the fondant-work, which is when I came into my element (well, element enough for me) and frosted a few too many cupcakes by mistake (we each had 10 to decorate). Oh well.

We made little sparkly berries (or ‘tiny little balls of wonder’ as I took to calling them, I was also the only one who was quietly trying not to die of laughter everytime Mich told us to ‘put some glitter on your balls’; real mature, I know) for our fondant holly, and the more adventurous/creative of the bloggers made wee little icing designs on their fondant bases. I, however, was still frosting the heck out of all of the cupcakes I could get my hands on.

More of the Judges’ cupcakes.

4pm rolled around all too soon and our cupcakes were packed up into the cake boxes provided by Tesco’s. The other judges had made lovely little cupcakes, their icing work was clearly not in need of any work. Mine however:

Well, they were definitely a lot less refined and creative, but hey, I’d done it! I’d decorated my first batch of cupcakes! I’d even covered one in sparkly tiny little balls of wonder (I ran out of ideas and just dumped a bunch of glitter over it and called it a day).

But of course, this day wasn’t about me, it was about the two winners of the competition, Shereen & Sandra:

I was lucky enough to sit next to Sandra (on the right) all afternoon, and she was absolutely lovely and had made the most adorable little reindeer with squiggly antlers as her entry. Definitely a well-deserved win! Neither of the winners had to dump glitter all over their cupcakes to win, either! Maybe next time I need to decorate some cupcakes I should put the fondant lettuces down and just give either of these two a call, they clearly know what they’re doing far better than I do…

All in all, a great day. You can read Tesco’s write up here. Congratulations again to the two winners, and thanks to Tesco Real Food, Jai from Ruby Agency and, of course, the lovely Mich Turner, for a fabulous day and remember kids: when in doubt, shove some glitter on it. Everything will be better…

Until next time, peace and love.

Jax x

12 Responses to “Glitter Absolves All Sins – Tesco Real Food Christmas Cupcake Decorating Competition Winners”

  1. Ethan Says:

    You might be setting the bar a little high for yourself on the first day of rose-making 101. I think your lettuce rose has a wonderful personality:)

  2. Lucy Says:

    Well done with the decorating! I’ve seen Mich on a couple of food/home programmes and was well impressed with the edible glitter… Corinna’s wedding cake was similar to the designs she does. Each layer had a different crazy theme – stripes, stars, butterflies on wire… it was amazing.

    Your cupcakes look darn professional I reckon. And what’s all this that you can’t bake. You’re superwoman aren’t you?

    My fav’s were the ones with red roses and glitter.


    Big love,


    p.s Great post :)

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  4. Reeni Says:

    I don’t think your rose is all that bad! Not nearly as bad as you think it is! I wish I could decorate so well – they make it look so easy and effortless. Glitter does indeed hide a multitude of mistakes – I use that little trick too. Often. xoxo

  5. Ashley Says:

    wait…you can eat glitter??? I mean…is that good for you? haha. :)

    If we tell andres about that, he’ll have a field day :D

    I love cupcakes AND pie. I think I am officially doomed to be obese in the future. hehe.

    BTW, you are once again a part of my blog post. I can’t help but talk about you!

  6. Roxan Says:

    Oh wow, this looks like so much fun! I’m with you – I’m not really that good at decorating at all. I’m not really creative and I have shaky hands! I am much better at eating. But I think you did a great job with everything. Have you practiced any more?

  7. Ken?hungry rabbit Says:

    I would have love to be there, such amazing talent and the joyfulness of it all.

  8. sophia Says:

    Aw, Jackie, what a sweet write-up! I know for a fact Sandra was thrilled to sit next to YOU, too. I would be!

  9. Wei-Wei Says:

    Wait, WHAT are you talking about?! I think your cupcakes look fabulous – and the one with the red sparkly rose? Lovely.

  10. Monet Says:

    I love it! Let’s both put glitter on everything :-) And girl…your cupcakes are gorgeous! I don’t know what you are talking about. I wish I could have done this with you. We would have had so much fun (but I’m glad that you enjoyed yourself…of course!) Thanks for sharing, sweet girl!

  11. justcooknyc Says:

    when i see things like this, i realize just how sad my decorating skills are

  12. Jackie Says:

    Thanks muchly guys!

    Lucy – great comment ;)

    Ash – I am your Oven GF! I’m not surprised :P

    Roxan – sadly not, but knowing that I CAN is all the incentive I need!

    justcooknyc – oy-vey, my decorating skills are pretty poor, my friend, but together, together we SHALL overcome! Thanks for dropping by!

    Jax x

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