Summer Drinks: Harveys & Vanilla Speculoospasta Ice-Cream


So as we come to the end of summer I finally have a bit of time to sit down and write up everything I’ve had queued up. This summer’s been a funny one (and I’m still actually kind of hoping that it’s not done yet and September will see more sunshine and lazy days) but it’s been jam-packed full of amazing people, fun, travel, food and drink, a new house, new housemates and my loved one, then finished off (unfortunately) with a trip to A&E at the hospital this past week; regardless, it’s been fantastic. I’m only sorry that I’ve neglected my blog so much – I’ve been kind of busy trying to fit everything in before I start Leiths in October.

The kind folks at Focus PR sent me a bottle of Harveys Bristol Cream, the British sherry that’s been around forever but is enjoying a new run in the spotlight and marketed as a Summer drink. I would never think of sherry as something for the Summer, especially Harveys, it feels more like something you have by the fire in the dead of winter, but perhaps that’s exactly why it needs a new image. Besides, the Spanish have been drinking sherry for years and my fondest memories of it are in the height of summer with a big plate of tapas and jamon! So why not?


You Are Just So Crazy, Girl


I’ve come to the conclusion that women are pretty insane. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much life experience you have, or how mature you may appear to be, if you are of the fairer sex you are 100% certifiably mental. I realise this is quite a bold statement to make for my sex but it’s a statement I’m sticking by, because well… girls are weird.

There really is no getting around it: we obsess over every little thing; we talk ourselves in and out of situations a million times; we get mad over stuff that really shouldn’t be a big deal; we’re friends with people we don’t actually like all because we feel that we “have to”; we’re superficial (we are, the amount of make-up we wear is really pretty ridiculous); and we definitely read too much into, well, everything. I know that I do all of those things and more, there simply is no other way to put it: girls are mental.