There Will Be Stock (Part I): Ham Hock & Pea Risotto


Food has always been incredibly central for my family. Every major event has been told over a dinner or a lunch, every holiday celebrated with a spread that was enough to feed a small army, though there were usually only four of us at the dinner table.

Life for my mother consisted of an early start to feed my father, my brother & I, a mad dash into school where we’d be dropped off and collected by car every day, a small snack to help us through homework, a martini or other cocktail for my father when he returned home, and dinner on the table every evening by 7pm (sometimes on little tables in the TV room, if we were lucky). Every single day growing up, this was the way we operated. It was routine; it was synonymous with family.


Nuts for Butternut Squash


I love butternut squash. I love it mashed, grilled, roasted. I love it in risotto. More specifically, I love it in this risotto. Combined with pancetta or bacon lardons (I actually prefer the latter), Parmesan cheese and a beautifully creamy stock this tastes awesome.

I made this for my mom just before Christmas and ever since then she’s been asking me to make it for her constantly. I’ve made it for dinner parties and quiet dinners.

Try this one out, it’s awesome.