Releasing My Inner Foodie Communist: Food For The People By The People #10


Finally getting round to posting the last entry from my foodie competition, details of which can be found here. I know, I’ve been terribly behind with posting recipes and entries of late – what can I say? I’m a working girl, my time is not my own. And the time that is my own is usually exhausted and passed out in a corner somewhere. Anyway, I will pick a winner and announce it by the end of the month, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you want to remind yourself, the other entries are as follows:
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Entry #3
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Entry #6
Entry #7
Entry #8
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If you missed out this time, never fear, I probably will be running this again, but have a couple of other projects I want to get underway first. Anyway, enough blab about all that. On to the submission: baked cured salmon.


Releasing My Inner Foodie Communist: Food For The People By The People #9


Wow, it’s been a while since I got round to making another entry, eh? Or even doing much cooking. Well, never fear, another entry is here and as we reach the end of the month let me just remind you of the details of the competition. You have eleven days left to submit a recipe to me, so get reading, get thinking and get emailing!

This entry is brought to us by the ever-so-seductive Johnathan. Now I need to preface this by saying that when I received Johnathan’s entry I was at work on my lunch break and laughed so hard I started crying. It was like reading food-themed soft porn. As a result I will present you with the directions exactly the way I received them. It was just too funny.


Releasing My Inner Foodie Communist: Food For The People By The People #8


It’s entry #8 in my Foodie Competition, innit blud. BOOYAH. If you’re new here and you’re wondering, ‘foodie comp? What foodie comp?!’ then you should familiarise yourself with this page and get submitting! And if you’re a regular round these here parts then you should still re-read the rules and get submitting. Boom-diddly-boom.

So actually, before I give you this entry, I’d like to use this opportunity to give myself a little self-promotion. Unheard of, I know. When I went down to Soho to interview the Mooli’s boys last month, I took a few interior shots. The other day the lovely Mathew sent me an urgent request asking if I could send them those shots as they are being featured in the Metro, a nation-wide free publication, tomorrow. That means that my photos (along with, hopefully, my credit) are being featured in a nation-wide publication tomorrow. Can I get a ‘booyah beeatch’? So anyway, if you’re in London you should definitely pick a copy of the Metro tomorrow (Wednesday 21st). I’m actually going to be in Nottingham getting my Grad-u-a-ti-on (read that outloud, spelling it out; oh yeaaaah) but the boyfriend has promised me he’ll pick up a couple of copies. YOU SHOULD PICK UP COPIES TOO :D Okay, enough of that, now onto the meat (ha) of this post…

This particular entry is brought to us by Spammed over at Kudocities and is a lovely little summer-time dinner recipe. It’s also incredibly easy, requiring minimal effort with maximum flavour results. What is it? Easy Cajun chicken.


Releasing My Inner Foodie Communist: Food For The People By The People #7


Entry #7! I know it hasn’t been that long since I posted #6, but I’ve actually got some time to get some cooking done and I’ve got a slight backlog of recipes to get through, so here you go! Deets are here if you don’t already know, so get reading and submitting!

This entry is brought to us by the fabulous Keely, a great friend and all-round pretty wonderful person. And she’s Irish, dontchaknow. I do a terrible impression of her. I’m sure one of these days she’s going to snap and beat me mid-oy-dee-oy or something, but for now she tolerates it and laughs. For now…


Releasing My Inner Foodie Communist: Food For The People By The People #6


Hello hello! Entry #6 is here! Deets can be found here so get reading and submitting!

This entry was actually submitted to me a while ago by the awesome My_Left_Foot over at Kudocities but because I don’t have a barbecue in the flat I couldn’t make it… that is until I realised that the boyfriend has one at his place! And hey, it aint really a BBQ if there isn’t a manly-man to burn… er, I mean cook the meat on the fire for you.

For some reason men love barbecues. I think it’s part of the primal instinct. Y’know. Man make fire, man cook meat, woman bring beer and make salad, grr, arr. In our case it was more like woman bring rather pleasant sweet red German wine for man to sip at delicately whilst making fire cook meat, and then tell man that man should’ve made salad since woman brought ingredients, but hey, who’s counting.


Releasing My Inner Foodie Communist: Food For The People By The People #5


Welcome to entry #5 and oh boy have I got a story for you about this particular recipe. If you don’t know what this is all about then you need to get with the program and go ahead and read this page and then you need to submit a recipe to me! Only one month left!

So my very beautiful and wonderful friend Mish promised me that she had this awesomely amazing beetroot hummus that she was going to submit for the purposes of the competition. She warned me that it sounded a little odd, but promised that it was easy and delicious.

Oh boy. Where to begin with the calamity that shall forever be known as The Great Beetroot Hummus Disaster.


Releasing My Inner Foodie Communist: Food For The People By The People #4


Time for entry #4 in my Food Project Competition, which (if you don’t know by now and you SHOULD know by now so haven’t you been paying attention?!) is running up until the end of August and details of which can be found here. Get thinking, get submitting and I look forward to eating!

Floatykatja over at Kudocities submitted her recipe for Linguine a la Vongole, and I have to say, it totally hit the spot. I mean, I like linguine. I like clams. I like tomatoes. I love garlic. How was this not going to be delicious?!

Momma Lee is my main taste tester at home, whenever I cook something she’s there with fork (or spoon, or knife, or fingers) in hand (ha, fingers in hand), ready to dig in and give me her best opinion. Momma Lee is also very critical of food, so when she says it’s tasty you know it’s pretty darn tasty.


Releasing My Inner Foodie Communist: Food For The People By The People #3


Yet another pretty recipe for you all from my Food Project competition. Remember, if you want to get involved your recipes must be in by the end of August. See this page for further details and if you want to get involved, you know what to do!

The very funny MarkE over at Kudocities submitted the following recipe to me: a summery fish stew. Now, I know what you’re thinking, fish stew? In the summer?! It cannot be! But it’s not super heavy and it’s packed full of flavour, and I don’t know about you guys but summer in the UK is less than awesome, so this is actually a pretty good dinner dish for those cool summer evenings. It also tastes great, did I mention that? This post is rather image heavy, purely because the light was really good so I found myself taking a lot of photos – just a head’s up!

The only real “flavours” of the stew come from these three ingredients – tomato puree, mixed herbs and cayenne pepper. I was surprised by the depth of flavour, though, and the cayenne packed one heck of a punch which I wasn’t expecting.


Releasing My Inner Foodie Communist: Food For The People By The People #2


Entry #2 in my new foodie project! Details can be found here and if you want to get involved drop me a comment or email me!

Over at Kudocities, the lovely cfalconer submitted her favourite summer pudding recipe which is both delicious and easy – no cooking required and can be prepared up to 36 hours in advance. Just the kind of recipe to bust out for a party – it both looks beautiful and tastes wonderfully rich, balanced out by the tartness of the fruit, and the crunchiness of the demerara sugar. I would recommend sprinkling a little more demerara before you serve, just to get that real crunch that can be a little lost in the cream/yoghurt overnight.

And, for a special extra twist, add a wee glug of an alcohol such as kirsch to your fruit before adding the cream/yoghurt. I used Rachel’s Organic honey yoghurt which gave it a really lovely extra sweetness, but you can use any yoghurt you like. Plain yoghurt is probably best, but I can’t pass up Rachel’s honey yoghurt when I see it in the shops!

Thanks CF for the recipe! It was divine!


Releasing My Inner Foodie Communist: Food For The People, By The People #1


This is entry #1 in my new project, details of which may be found here. If you want to get involved please email me!

The ever-lovely CravenMaven over at Kudocities submitted this recipe for me to try. She claims to be a terrible cook (with a certain pink-curry incident in her culinary past) but guaranteed that this recipe was a doozy.

I love salmon, I think it’s awesomely tasty, it’s low in saturated fats and calories, and a fantastic source of Omega-3. Add to that a handful of B-vitamins, phosphorus and magnesium and you’ve got yourself one heck of a super fish. Also, I love that they spend their lives swimming upstream. Jus’ sayin’.

Anyway, the recipe that CM gave me tied together a whole bunch of ingredients that I like (tomatoes, basil – super combo, by the way, you can’t go wrong – salmon, spinach and pasta), all served alongside a nice bit of crusty bread. Ideal summer supper, or, in a smaller portion, summer lunch. I added a little extra seasoning (sea salt & black pepper and chilli flakes, mhmmm), substituted spaghetti for pappardelle (I do love my pappardelle), fancied it up with some basil olive oil and served it alongside some lovely sundried tomato crusty bread, and there we had it!


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