There’s More To Life Than Braai, Bru – South African Tourism Event


I think, perhaps, the South African accent is my favourite in the world. The very hint of it makes me swoon, butterflies flying into a tizzy in my stomach, my brain fuzzy with ardour. It makes me stutter and stumble over the smallest of words, blushing all the while like a schoolgirl in the flush of first love. Yes, I think I am in fact in love with an accent. But to be in love with an accent is silly… if, after all, you haven’t even visited the country of origin or the cuisine. Thankfully I can now cross the latter off my list and begin to claim that I am not in love with the accent alone but perhaps just South Africa in general…? Yes, maybe that’s it.

The lovely folks over at Publicasity and South African Tourism invited myself and a handful of other bloggers to their dinner event, being held at the Bbar in Central London. We were promised an evening of fun, learning about South African food and, even better, getting to cook it ourselves. What a privilege! Of course I said yes – it was far too good an opportunity to pass up… especially at the thought of Safa accents surrounding me. Be still my beating heart.