The Obligatory Royal Wedding Post


Image courtesy of CBBC.

If there is anything I really do not care about it’s the Royal Wedding, which as Isabelle pointed out to me the other day probably means that they’re going to kick me out of the country for not being a good little Brit. But I’m sorry, I just can’t muster up a shred of a damn about it.


My Muffcakes Bring All The Boys To The Yard


Sometimes you are given a challenge so great, so wondrous, that you can do nothing but throw all caution to the wind, grasp it by its metaphorical horns, pull it close, look it in the eye and say, “you’re mine, beeatch”. If you’d like to smack it on the arse at this point as well you have every right to, because a challenge is a challenge, a chance to show the world who’s boss of this kitchen; and today, friends, today that boss is me and four other worthy competitors.

It’s the Muffcake Challenge.


Glitter Absolves All Sins – Tesco Real Food Christmas Cupcake Decorating Competition Winners


One of the Judge’s finished cupcakes.

There are, largely, two branches of thought surrounding cupcakes. There is the ‘yay cupcakes! Tiny bites of yum!’ branch of thought and the ‘eh, I’m over it’ branch of thought. There’s even a food rumour going round that ‘pies will be the new cupcakes’, and if pies in a jar start popping up commercially then I may very well well jump on board the pie train (mhm, pie train…). However, until that time, I am rather firmly in the ‘yay cupcakes’ camp, and proud to be so.

When the Tesco Real Food team asked me to be one of their ten London bloggers to judge their nationwide cupcake decorating competition of course I said yes. Cupcakes were made and decorated, I judged with my judging eyes (oh little judging eyes, how thee judge so) and on Friday 10th December we Judges, along with the two winners of the competition, were invited to attend the Winners’ Day at The Make Lounge with professional cake decorating chef, Mich Turner of The Little Venice Cake Company to decorate cupcakes. Huzzah!


Have You Got What It Takes? Tesco Real Food Christmas Cupcake Competition


The other day I came home to find a big box waiting for me. There is literally nothing more exciting than coming home to a parcel, especially when you’ve been eagerly anticipating its contents for a few days/weeks/months, and the anticipation was killing me. I took my big box upstairs and tore it open, to find that inside was an equally large red box, tied with a big silver bow (squeee!), and a little card from the Tesco Real Food team.

You see, in the spirit of Christmas, Tesco decided to hold a nationwide cupcake decorating competition, the prize for which is two lucky winners getting to cook alongside a celebrity chef for an afternoon, and ten runners-up receiving a very special Tesco Cupcake Kit. Pretty good, right? So what’s my involvement in all of this? Well, Tesco asked me to be one of their ten London food bloggers to help judge this competition, create my own cupcake and attend the chef day along with the winners. Cupcakes? Christmas? Cooking with a professional chef in a professional kitchen?! How could I refuse?


Come Fly Away


So some pretty big news. I got my Uni results today and after four years of blood, sweat and tears (lots of tears) I am finally the proud owner of a BA in American & English Studies, classification 2:1. Absolutely over the moon about it.

When Jun came over last week we did a lot of baking, but our most nostalgic item were our Fairy Cakes. I remember Fairy Cakes from being little and going to children’s parties where they were served along with finger cucumber, ham & cheese and tuna salad sandwiches (always white bread, crusts cut off), cocktail sausages with ketchup (maybe this is why I don’t like the taste of ketchup – too much of it as a child), usually some sort of assorted biscuit selection (which always looked waaay better than it actually tasted), and orange squash that was either too dilute or too syrupy. Then the birthday cake was served, which was often in the shape of big pink ballet slippers (how I ALWAYS wanted to have my birthday cake in the shape of big pink ballet slippers) and I would almost always have some sort of crazy allergic reaction to the food colouring in said big pink ballet slippers, hence why my mother never got them for my birthday.

Anyway, despite that, these butterfly cupcakes are lovely. The originally recipe calls for a little double cream to be placed in the butterfly wing ‘cavity’ along with the jam, but we like to make them with buttercream instead (made with butter and icing sugar). This is the second time I’ve made them with Jun and for some reason they came out a little dry, so either cook for a little less time (we went for 30 mins) or increase the milk/butter amounts ever-so-slightly.

Also, you must use strawberry jam. That’s real jam, none of this jelly stuff. The difference between jam and jelly is that jam are fruit preserves, ie. real fruit, stewed with sugar for a very long time. Jelly is essence of real fruit, made into a gelatin-like substance and a disgrace to all breakfast foods. So now that we’ve cleared that one up… enjoy.