She Ain’t Pretty, She’s My Omelette


Today I was going to blog about the pasta I made last night, and it was going to be simple and tasty, but after I made this omelette I decided that this was by far a better recipe, and a lesson.

I can’t flip omelettes to save my life. I am what you’d call an ‘Omelette Retard’. Instead of turning over and becoming amazing-looking beautiful little omelettes, I have a monstrosity that is overstuffed, tearing, and, well, ugly. It’s also brown from sitting in the pan too long, probably too oily and calories? Don’t even talk to me about calories. However, despite the fact that my heart sank when I realised I wouldn’t be able to make a beautiful omelette that would be worthy of photographing (and my sweet potatoes were ‘caramelising’ (aka. burning) in the other pan, proving once again that multi-tasking in cooking does not work that well for me), I took one bite of this and I nearly cried tears of joy. TEARS. OF. JOY.

It tasted amazing. There I was fretting over the fact that it wasn’t pretty and I hadn’t styled it nicely, but at the end of the day it tastes phenomenal. So let that be a lesson to me – freaking out over the fact that it’s not the prettiest dish in the world is stupid. If it tasted terrible that’d be a whole different kettle of fish (like last night’s failed deep-fried okra which would’ve been fantastic… if I hadn’t tried to substitute cornmeal with polenta which just tasted too much like fried okra coated in uncooked polenta. Waste of two eggs, a bag of okra and half a packet of polenta! Was so disappointed I threw the whole lot away without even photographing it) but it didn’t, it tasted great.


Fast But No Food (For Now)


Just a quickie to say that I’m back from Portland but haven’t been doing any cooking worth noting. Have a list of stuff that I’m going to get on with over the next couple of weeks, however, so expect some tasties soon!

Until then – peace and love.
Jax x



Did you know that ‘om-nom-nom-nom’ originated from Cookie Monster? When you think about it it makes total sense. If you’re interested watch the Know Your Meme on it here.

We don’t get biscuits in the UK. The closest equivalent is scones, a British tea-time staple. Scones with clotted cream, strawberry jam and a cuppa tea? Perfection. But biscuits are a whole different breed, and the first time I had them in the States (for breakfast with country gravy) it was like a taste sensation explosion in my mouth. A definite om-nom-nom-nom moment. They were warm, buttery, flaky and I couldn’t get enough. Ever since then I’ve been on a mission to recreate them, and this recipe comes pretty darn close.


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