Project Food Blog Entry #1: Ready, Set, Blog! – Why I Am A Feeder


Let them eat cake
Photo by David Mason.

As you may have noticed from the sudden widget that popped up over on the left-hand side of my blog there, I’m entered as a contestant into the Project Food Blog competition over at FoodBuzz, the first interactive food blogging competition. Contestants will be put through their paces through ten different challenges until they are whittled down to just one, and voting will be a combination of official judges and you, the public. Voting for this stage of the competition opens on Monday 20th, by the way, but I’ll post a link when we get there! If you click on my contestant banner you can read a little more about me, or you can learn more about the competition itself through the other links at the top of this post.

For the first challenge we’ve been asked to create a post that “defines you as a food blogger and makes it clear why you think you have what it takes to be the next food blog star”. In all honesty, I’ve been puzzling over this one for a couple of days now. I kept writing a post and then scrapping it because I find it kind of hard to say why I should be the person you vote for. Or what makes me better than any of the other incredibly accomplished Food Bloggers who are entered into this competition (all 2,000 of them; yeah, 2,000). So what is it that sets me apart from all the rest?

Of course I could lay claim to my photography being pretty smack-on.

Bobbing 1
Feast On The Bridge 2010, Southwark Bridge.

But then that’d be saying that I’m better than all of the millions of food bloggers whose photography blows me away on a daily basis and whom I continually find inspiration and encouragement from. But looking back on all of my posts I’ve been getting better and better with every shot I take, every dish I style, and so yeah, maybe I can lay claim to that one. Or at least begin to.

Okay, so then how about my original recipes and determination?

Mason Matcha-Misu
Mason Matcha-Misu: matcha, white chocolate & pistachio tiramisu.

Yeah, they’re pretty decent, but y’know, it’s all still a work in progress, and that’s okay. I learn with everything I do, every piece of feedback I receive, every person who [emails/comments/stalks me] (just kidding about the last one… sort of) and tells me that they made my [cake/quick meal/snack] and loved it, and then made it for their [boyfriend/mother/dog] and they also loved it, and that’s probably the best feeling – a warm glow that I’m getting to do what I love best: feed the world one recipe at a time.

So maybe it’s because I’m the new kid on the block?


After all, my food blog has only been around since April this year, and already I’ve amassed a pretty decent amount of recipes, reviews, interviews and fellow foodie friends. And I’ve loved every minute of it – getting to know other people who are obsessed with food as much as I am? Um, heaven. In fact, the people I’ve talked to and met have convinced me to pursue a career in food writing and photography, which is a pretty big thing for me to decide to do. It’s all a journey, right?

Maybe it’s just because you like my pretty face, sparkling personality & dazzling wit.

Sherwood shoot
Photo by David Mason.

That’d be a nice thought, eh?

Well, now I get to be a little obnoxious (isn’t that the fun of competition?). Maybe I should be the next Food Blog Star because I am all of the above and more. And maybe you should vote for me because with every blog post and with every entry into Project Food Blog I get to show you just how determined I am, just how much I can push myself, and how I may be a newcomer to this but I am a whole lot more than my so-called “skills”.

But maybe, just maybe, the real thing that sets me apart is that I am “a woman who knows her food” (as somebody lovely once said about me), and in a food blogger isn’t that what you want most? Either way, you can be sure of this: I am a girl who loves her food and has done so from a young age. So push me to my limits, see what I can do. I’m just as curious as you are to see how far this ride can go.


Until next time, peace and love.

Jax x

28 Responses to “Project Food Blog Entry #1: Ready, Set, Blog! – Why I Am A Feeder”

  1. Chanel11 Says:

    I absolutely agree with all of those reasons – goodluck girlie!

  2. Monet Says:

    That last picture got me! But like Chanel11 said…I agree with everything you mentioned. You are one talented woman, and I'm rooting for you!

  3. Ashley Says:

    I remember the first thing you did when I visited London was take me to the grocery store to try all of the English candy. Yes, you do know your food :

    Of course I'll vote for you!!

  4. Ashley Says:

    so wait, do we vote? or do they have judges or something?

  5. Katja Says:

    Ooh, I've been quoted! Really nicely written, Jax. Best of luck – you deserve to go far.

  6. Reeni Says:

    I didn't realize you were so new to blogging! You're like a pro already. Even though I'm in the competition I'm still rooting for you! xoxo

  7. Foy Update - Garden Cook Write Repeat Says:

    I was curious how this whole voting thing is going to work so I hunted down the information on Foodbuzz.


    The three judges choose who goes on to the next round and up to 50% is based on Featured Publisher votes. Yes the public can vote, but their vote only goes towards the "reader's choice award".

    This is a fabulous deal for foodbuzz, it gets them a lot of new Featured Publishers and Foodies. Who ever came up with this marketing idea is a genius.

    Good Luck!

  8. Chef Dennis Says:

    great job with the first challenge Jackie!! you do have what it takes to be the next great food blogger, don't hold anything back and show them what you got!!! Good luck my friend!
    hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  9. Jackie Says:

    Chanel11 – thank you lovely :D

    Monet – David likes that photo too – it's just SO ME! Thanks lovely girl!

    Ash – hahaha, is that the first thing I did? I think the first thing I did was make you drag your suitcases all across London, then took you to the pub for a jug of Pimm's and a plate of cumberland sausage and mash! Then the candy store ;) As for voting, see Foy's very useful and helpful guide in the comment below! I'll repost this information when I put up the post on voting.

    Katja – thank you lovely! And yes, of course I had to use that quote – pretty sure it's the most flattering thing anybody's ever said about me ;)

    Reeni – aw, thanks love! I must say, I think I'm discovering I'm a pretty negative (or maybe just realistic?) person as I'm rooting for everybody else far more than I am for myself! Good luck to you too, sweets!

    Foy – you are a super mega uber star. Thanks for the info!

    Dennis – aw, thank you lovely =) Means a lot! I'm having a great weekend so far – hope you are too!

    Jax x

  10. ashandlewplus2.com Says:

    Thank you for sharing your life with us.. I am loving this challenge. I posted my FBC this morning check it out and let me know what you think.

  11. What to cook today Says:

    Love what you wrote here. Good luck pretty girl who knows how to cook and bake and take smack-on photos ;)

  12. Jackie Says:

    Ashlee – thanks for swinging by and for sending your link over! Good luck!

    Mgoh – haha, that's a great way to sum me up! But y'know what you missed out? "Girl who loves to eat" :P

    Jax x

  13. Nate @ House of Annie Says:

    You got my vote! Cheers and aloha.

  14. Jane Ko Says:

    Voted for you! Good luck :)

    I would like to invite you to participate in my giveaway

    Here is my entry for PFB http://www.foodbuzz.com/project_food_blog/challenges/1/view/668

  15. Jackie Says:

    Nate – thank you for the vote! Much appreciated :D Lovely looking entry yourself ;)

    Jane – thank you! Loving your blog and your entry!

    Jax x

  16. Clara Says:

    Got you covered with a vote:) Keep chugging away at your dream Jackie!


  17. jacobskitchen Says:

    Hi Jackie! Great post. Beautiful pictures as always. I voted for you! =) Good luck!

    Check out my PFB post: http://www.foodbuzz.com/project_food_blog/challenges/1/view/503

  18. canonmoon Says:

    Hi Jackie,

    Great photos and post. I vote for you. All the best.

  19. Jackie Says:

    Clara – thank you gorgeous girl <3

    Jacob – thank you! Wonderful looking post, you've got my vote ;)

    Moon – thank you! Hope you're well!

    Jax x

  20. Mishkin Says:

    Voted! Go Jackie! xx

  21. chailong Says:


    It looks very nice, I vote for you. Best wishes!

  22. Lindsay Says:

    I love your photos!! Great entry. I just gave you a vote! You can check out my entry here: http://tinyurl.com/2ec2hlq Thanks and Good luck!!

  23. Jackie Says:

    Mish – love you Moo Face ;)

    chailong – thank you!

    Lindsay – thank you! Great looking entry – good luck!

    Jax x

  24. Jason Wong Says:

    Voting for you!

  25. Ying Sun Says:

    Hi, Jackie,

    I am so hungry for your food. I have voted you twice and good luck.

    Sun Ying

  26. Qiu Meng Says:


    love your food. Voting now and best wishes.

    Qiu Meng

  27. Jean Says:

    I just voted for you–I can see you doing very well in PFB!

  28. Jackie Says:

    Jason, Sun Ying, Qiu Meng & Jean – thank you all so much! I'm through to round 2! :D

    Jax x

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