Important Announcement: RSS Subscribers? New Feed!


So remember how a while ago I decided to take the leap and switch to FeedBurner because I wanted to monitor my blog readership? Well Google decided to shut FeedBurner down which means that oh yay, I have lost all of my data and subscribers. BIG WHOOP. THANKS GOOGLE.

So I switched over to FeedBlitz and have just finished setting it all up but look! Sad empty little zero over on the left there! So if you previously subscribed to my RSS feed and you’d like to keep up to date again (I do actually update the blog more frequently these days, though what with starting Leiths next week things could take an interesting turn), please do subscribe again and let’s get that sad little zero back up again!

The new feed address is: http://feeds.feedblitz.com/iamafeeder so g’wan, update your RSS readers and sign up to get I Am A Feeder in your Inbox for fweeee!

Until next time, peace and love,

Jax x

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  1. Melissa@Eyes Bigger Says:

    Ah they didn’t shut down. They were having technical difficulties. They ARE shutting down their API in oct but that is very different. But either way, feed blitz seems to be a good choice. If you contact them they can help you move all your feed burner subscribers over so they don’t even notice you switched! And yes…your subscribers are still there!

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