Christmas in London: Harrods Gentleman’s Hamper


Christmas, for me, has always been a rather special time of year. No, not for any particular religious reasons or for the promise of presents (though the latter is a rather good excuse for, oh, I don’t know, maybe a new hand mixer? Especially considering how mine blew up in my hand the other day) but because of the food. An excuse to eat yourself silly and not be judged for it? Yes please.

So when I was offered a Harrods Gentleman’s hamper, one of the new food and wine hampers, to have a sneak preview of for Christmas of course I said yes. It may be called the Gentleman’s hamper but honestly, I’d be pretty happy to receive this one myself!

So, full disclosure – I’ve not actually tried anything in the hamper yet.

But Jackie, I hear you cry with outrage, how can you review something you’ve not tried?!

I’m actually waiting to dig into this with my gentleman on Christmas Eve. It really is an awful lot of food for one person (or even two) and the thought of having to waste any of it because we couldn’t finish it is such a terrible one that I decided the best thing to do was to wait to Christmas eve and have as much of it for our dinner as we can manage, then bring the leftovers over to share with family on Christmas Day for that ideal little snacking time after Christmas lunch and before you start picking at leftovers. The beauty of this hamper is that everything will keep so very well, even after you’ve broken the seal (as long as you refrigerate it and the crackers, etc. will keep very nicely indeed in an airtight box) so you can pick at it over time. And hello? Harrods hamper? Of course it’s going to be good!

I really liked the little details, like the engraved waiter’s friend that accompanied the bottle of wine. Also, the hamper itself is lovely – sturdy but not too heavy and the lid is entirely removable and leather, which is much more convenient and attractive. Oddly, even though the hamper was delivered packed in styrofoam, there were some scratches and dents in the lid which is a shame but it’s quite a dark leather so not too noticeable unless you’re looking closely. It came complete with a Harrods-green cooler bag which the perishable items were packed in (not pictured) – TS was quite impressed with that! I was a bit too busy digging into the bag to look at the goodies inside…

The smoked meats and cheeses were probably the most exciting part for me – though not usually a fan of smoked meats, the selection seemed very interesting and different; I’m really rather looking forward to tucking into these next week and I’ll be sure to pop in an update and take some proper photos of us enjoying it!

Overall, though it’s marketed at the “gentleman”, this hamper would likely be very happily received by any food lover, for Christmas or any other special occasion… or maybe just for yourself, as a treat? I won’t judge you. Really, that’s my only gripe – that the hampers are so sex-orientated and, well, a little outdated. But then it’s Harrods and I suppose that’s the nature of the beast – Christmas is all about tradition and with Harrods you certainly get tradition. Curious to know what exactly was in my hamper? Have a look at the full contents of the Gentleman’s Hamper.

You can no longer order the hampers online for Christmas delivery but they are still available in-store and by ordering over the telephone so go on, go check ’em out! Any excuse to go wander around Harrods at Christmas time, right?

Until next time, peace, love and a very merry Christmas,

Jax x

Please note: though the Harrods Gentleman’s Hamper was provided by iProspect & Harrods, no monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own. Hampers can be ordered through Harrods, including new Harrods Christmas hampers for 2013.

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