New Year, New Food, Old Ideals: Be A Part of my Project & Help Me Review ‘The Great American Cookbook’


Aaaand we’re back in the room! Happy new year, all – 2012 has arrived with a bang and I’ve found myself thrown back into life with barely a moment to breathe since Christmas. From a fabulous New Year’s Eve spent with good friends eating at Otto Pizza, followed by fireworks on the Thames and dancing in the streets of London with the London Eye behind us, to making new friends and getting to meet fellow blogger and Twitter friend Dan of Dan’s Good Side in London (an evening of not-so-good eating was followed by an awesome night of dancing through the small hours of the morning in one of London’s premier gay clubs with Dan & friends – ironically I still managed to get hit on by the only straight man in the entire club), I’ve been a busy girl and it doesn’t seem to want to slow down.

Want to know what else has been going on? Read on and find out how you can be involved in my project and this cookbook review! (It’s a doozy, I promise…)

On the health side of things, sadly I do not appear to be getting much better. If anything, I’m inexplicably getting worse, which means that radioiodine treatment is now imminent. I’m not looking forward to it but have resolved to do what it takes to get my health back on track so for the moment am continuing to take medication, follow my doctor’s advice and try to put a positive spin on my upcoming month’s quarantine from the rest of the world following treatment, due to the potential to give others radiation poisoning (eek). So far my favourite suggestions have been the possibility that the radiation may turn me into a superhero (or super villain – so much possibility!) and the offer from my close group of friends to make me a ‘Jackie Calendar’ for the month that I’m out of action, containing a different task each day which I am to film myself doing and post up for the world to see. I like this plan a lot and am overwhelmed by the love and comfort being sent my way.

So, in the very British spirit of keeping calm and carrying on, I have a favour and a fun task to ask all of you lovely readers. Recently, my dear friend Kavey of Kavey Eats passed on to me a giant tome entitled, The Great American Cookbook, a revised edition of Clementine Paddleford’s ‘How America Eats’. The book, at first glance, is fascinating and full of stories around the food Clementine is writing about, but more than that it’s simply enormous. It has 500 regional recipes from each of the US States and frankly I don’t even know where to begin.

So here’s my request: be a part of my project and help me review the book by sending me an email with the following:
1. Your name
2. Your age
3. Your home State
4. 1 food memory from that State growing up (2-3 sentences is perfect: what, where and when are great starting points!)
5. Your blog + blog address (if you have one)

I’ll take submissions from you until January 31st, 2012, at which point I’ll start choosing one of the recipes from each State to make and review, featuring you as my inspiration! Feel free to ask your friends and family too – the more the better! If anything it’ll be a little project to keep me going whilst I’m quarantined at home and help me work through this book.

That’s about it for now, hope you’re all having a super start to the new year and I look forward to receiving your home State food memories! Until next time, peace and love,

Jax x

7 Responses to “New Year, New Food, Old Ideals: Be A Part of my Project & Help Me Review ‘The Great American Cookbook’”

  1. Kavey Says:

    Oh what a marvellous idea for a blog project! Excellent idea, Jax!
    Was lovely to see you yesterday.
    Feel better soon!

  2. Mara @ What's For Dinner? Says:

    LOVE the idea :)
    I’ll be emailing!

  3. ashley Says:

    Interesting…there are a few good options for California, I think ;)

    Nice photos Oven GF!

  4. Sally - My Custard Pie Says:

    So sorry to hear that you are not well Jax – what a rubbish start to the year. In awe that you remain so incredibly upbeat. Great initiative and good luck.

  5. Emmyw @ Kitchen Goddess (in training!) Says:

    Hi Jax, I just want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! And I am sure that it will be a happy one, despite the trials and tribulations that may be sent your way. I love the cookbook review idea, and I look forward to hearing about some of the recipes you attempt! I also look forward to the day you become a superhero/villain :D I don’t think “oven-girl” exists yet does she? :)

    Best wishes!

  6. Monet Says:

    Oh sweet girl…I’m so sorry about your health. Please let me know if I can do ANYTHING for you. I got your lovely card in the mail before I left from Colorado. It is hanging on my wall. You already got my submission for your project, but let me know if you need it again. Much love and hugs.

  7. Paula Says:

    I can submit for the project as I don’t have a state :(, just a Canadian Province! LOL

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed a great New Year’s Eve but sorry to hear that your health is not getting any better. Your month long recuperation project is a great idea and I hope you run with it when you have your forced isolation activated. Keeping you in my prayers that this surgery does the trick.

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