Bye-Bye Hong Kong, G’day Sydney!


I’m in Sydney! It’s 10am and I’m looking out over a gloriously sunny view of the city. The Sydney Opera House is just to the right with tiny little ants making their slow way up the Sydney Harbour Bridge (I don’t think I’ll be doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge walk, but if you don’t have a problem with heights you should! Pretty pricey, though) and beyond that are a mass of buildings, their chrome and glass glinting in the morning sun.

Am I making you jealous? Because if I were you I’d totally be jealous.

The last few days of Hong Kong were hectic, I finally had my Snake Soup (article coming in The Arbuturian soon), my grandmother taught me some more dishes (which I’ll be making and writing up when I get back to London), I went to a cookery school for an evening class, had some of the best seafood I think I’ve ever had, and ate some of the more ‘famous’ Hong Kong treats. I also went to some awesome Asian Karaoke on my last night with my boy Kevin, which was hilarious. Highlights included our imitations of Liam Gallagher (“…with a champagne supernovaaaaa in the sky-ay…”) and me “rapping” Jay-Z’s part and Kevin singing Alicia Keys’ for our rendition of ‘Empire State Of Mind’. No video evidence (but that’s probably a good thing).

Let’s see what I was eating, then… (all photos in bigger and better format on my Flickr…)

Wing Lok Yuen Restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong are famous for their HK hotdogs, which consist of a chicken frank, crunchy bun and mayonnaise mixed with relish. They sell 1,300 every day! (Was actually pretty tasty, too!)

This ‘dan tat’ (egg tart) at Honolulu Coffee Shop in Wan Chai is apparently famous. They sell hundreds a day and they’re delicious – warm from the ovens, flaky pastry and a beautifully sweet creamy filling.

When my boy Kevin told me that he was taking me to Lan Fong Yuen in Central for lunch and that their “famous” dish was instant noodles with chicken, I was incredibly dubious. But it was actually surprisingly delicious. Chewy noodles, succulent chicken and that delicious scallion ginger sauce. They also do a mean milk tea.

My grandmother took me to a very special seafood place on the outskirts of Hong Kong, called Lei Yu Mun – the surrounding town is basically a fishing town, so you choose your fresh fish and how you’d like it cooked, then it’s cooked in the kitchens and presented to you. Seriously fresh, seriously delicious.

L-R, top-bottom: scallops, fresh & steamed with ginger, chilli & scallions; razor clams, fresh & stir-fried with black bean sauce & veg; double-shelled crab, fresh & “hot-oil fried”; steamed fish with soy sauce and scallions.

I was privileged enough to be allowed into the kitchen to watch the chefs working: a real treat. They wok-fry over what appears to be a giant cauldron of fire, the sound roars in your ears and they move quickly with seemingly heatproof hands. Incredible.

My grandmother Maria and her friend Michael, my HK tour guide!

Wandering around Lei Yu Mun.

So that was Hong Kong! What about Sydney then? Well, this is what I’ve seen:

Sacred Ibis! Everywhere. Literally.

Seagulls by Circular Quay.

Everywhere you go the street performers are the same.

My Aunt May‘s Roasted Tomato Creme Brulee – totally delicious. You’ll have to wait for her cookbook for the recipe!

Froyo at WowCow – so refreshing, super friendly staff. And an upside down cow on the ceiling to boot!

Hanging out with an old friend in Sydney.

Snapping photos on Bondi Beach.

Delicious brunch at Le Petit Creme in Darlinghurst – highly recommended!

The Gap, aka. Suicide Point. Stunning views.

A beautiful old lighthouse in Sydney. I want to live here.

The biggest, sweetest cherries ever: Tazmanian cherries.

That’s all for now! If you made it this far, well done! I’ll update again soon. In the meantime, you can read my new article, including my Grandmother’s signature Smoked Chicken recipe, over at The Arbuturian! Peace and love.

Jax x

12 Responses to “Bye-Bye Hong Kong, G’day Sydney!”

  1. January Says:

    lovely photos! the noodles with chicken you had in HK looks so good, i’m gonna hunt the place down next time i go there. and sydney looks fun, i hope i can go there too. soon. :D

  2. sophia Says:

    Hell, yes. I am freaking jealous. I want to tuck myself into your suitcase, and you’ll feed me cherries along the way. Oh, and that instant noodles thingy.

    P.S. What camera/lens do you use? Your pics are beyond fantastic.

  3. Brian @ A Thought For Food Says:

    First of all, your grandmother and Michael are absolutely adorable in that picture.

    Secondly, I’m dying to try that roasted tomato creme brulee! What a dish!

    Lastly, you’re beautiful and I’m counting down the days until you come to visit!

  4. Mara @ What's For Dinner? Says:

    What beautiful photos! I can’t wait for recipes… and those seagulls remind me of Finding Nemo ;)

  5. The Cuisinerd Says:

    Can’t wait to see what you get up to while there – looks like the weather is behaving for you!


  6. Tunde Says:

    Lovely images here Jackie . I especially love the nightshot of the bridge. The pictures do convey all d fun u are having. Can’t wait to follow along on d other adventures. The tea smoked chicken is one try soon. I’m coming to find that reading /commenting on a post from a phone can result in submission of incomplete thoughts.

  7. Ashley Says:

    I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with that photo of the cherries. It’s mesmerizing :)

    Sydney looks gorgeous…you must be lovin’ the sun! Get ready, cause SD has been ultra sunny lately :) Warming up for youuuu!

  8. Monet Says:

    You are having the time of your life! I am jealous of you but I’m glad I get to hear all about your travels in person. We have a good friend that just moved to Australia, and we hope to visit him sometime soon. Thank you for sharing your eats and pictures with me…I hope you have a great Tuesday…I’m already ready for the weekend :-)

  9. saltyseattle Says:

    yes, yes, you’re making me jealous! now get here already so we can have some more fun.

  10. Lisa Says:

    Gosh I need to go to Hong Kong and Sydney too! And how cute is your grandma! Your photos are amazing and the chicken with instant noodles, i’d love som now!

  11. Jackie Says:

    Thanks guys! x

  12. Brie Says:

    your grandmother is too cute for words! and the egg tart and cherries look scrumptious! looking forward to reading your other travel posts!

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