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Photo courtesy of the BBC website.

Every few years or so there comes an event so horrific that the entire world is joined in shock, mourning and the intense need to help. When I heard about Japan I was in New York towards the end of my Big Adventure, taking photos with my friend, chatting idly at 2am and catching up on my Twitter feed. Suddenly all I could see were Tweets saying, ‘Japan. Oh God. Pray for Japan. Japan. Japan’ – what had happened? A quick glance at the CNN and BBC news sites and it was all too clear. I felt sick to my stomach: I had friends in Tokyo, how far had this disaster reached? With news that the resulting tsunami could spread to Australia & New Zealand, even as far as Hawaii and the West Coast, all places where I have family and friends, I couldn’t rest. The next couple of hours were filled with watching live news feeds, reading the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre‘s page obsessively and worrying.

With news of more and more aftershocks still ravaging Japan, more footage and images of devastation, coupled with the odd glimmer of hope, there seems to be little that we can do. But a little is still better than nothing. It was easy then for me to get involved in two separate projects to raise money for Japan.

The first project is the more immediate of the two. Sabrina of The Tomato Tart is hosting an online bake sale, a project that is now 90 bakers strong. From a simple Tweet asking whether or not anybody would be interested in contributing, her project snowballed into an international affair, with bloggers from all over the world signing up to join the cause. All proceeds will go to Second Harvest Japan, the baked goods will be available for viewing on the 28th (Monday) and bidding will begin on the 30th (Wednesday). All goods will be shipped by the 11th (two Mondays after the viewing).

I decided to contribute one of my pies-in-a-jar to the cause because what could honestly be better than to pie it forward? Once you’ve eaten the pie you can make a new one in the same jar and pass it on to somebody else – hence, ‘pie it forward’! You may remember that I last made these back at Christmas, so this version will be significantly more Spring-like. After the bidding, if you have any particular preference for pie filling please feel free to email me – I can cater to your needs! Unfortunately, due to shipping restrictions, I can only send my pies around the UK – sorry international friends!

As for the second project… well. Let’s just say that it’s definitely worth checking back for and this time it’s internationally available. I’m keeping quiet on it for the moment, but promise I’ll be sharing very soon… Remember to head over to The Tomato Tart tomorrow to view the goods, then come back on the 30th to start making your bids! Hope to send you some pie love very soon!

Until then friends, peace and love.

Jax x

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  1. Brian @ A Thought For Food Says:

    What a great cause… and a wonderful recipe to contribute.

  2. Juicy for Japan David Mason Photography Says:

    […] Read more about the Calendar here. […]

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