Jackie Hello! My name’s Jackie – welcome to my food blog. I’m an ex-food writer & private caterer, sometime photographer and Leiths Diploma graduate, turned professional pastry chef. I trained at one of the most prestigious 5* hotels in London (UK), now I work at one of the most prestigious restaurants in town. I love to tell stories with food and I hope you enjoy reading them just as much.

My roots in food go far back – I was weaned off breast-milk and onto chicken soup. Somebody lovely once said that I am “a woman who knows her food”, somebody else equally lovely once called me an “Asian gone wild” – I can think of no better way to sum me up. I have a BA Jt. Hons in American & English Studies, have lived in the UK, US & Asia, and have travelled extensively, which makes me a bit confusing but with a wealth of experience at my fingertips.

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Got a question? Recommendation? Recipe? Just want to tell me that you love me? Well, what are you waiting for?! Send me an email already! Go on, let me feed you – you know you want me to.

Peace and love,

Jax x