Parlez-Vous Tasty?


We always assumed I was going to be taller. After all, you don’t see many ten-year-olds with size six feet roaming around the joint, and my grandmother on my father’s side was tall herself. She used to inspect me and say with a knowing nod, “yes. You are just like Mah-Mah. You will be tall”. When I entered secondary school I was one of the tallest in my class, lined up towards the back of the group during fire drills feeling proud, holding my head high and my spine straight.

The following summer I came back to school and suddenly the rest of the girls had grown a foot whilst I had stayed, disappointingly, at a mere five foot two. One school mate came running up to me to tell me her summer news, only to stop short, giving me a quizzical look as she found herself looking down at the top of my head. “Oh,” she mused, raising an eyebrow, “I thought you were taller” – I never grew again.


I Can Haz New Toyz?


So, as you may have noticed, I have a shiny new badge over on the right-hand side of my blog – yes, I am now a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher! Happy times! I’m just glad that I’ll be able to share my Feeder habits with you all with Foodbuzz behind me – I’m gon’ make you fat. Actually, one of my friends said that to me the other day – we went for a coffee and she said that if we lived together I would definitely make her put on a lot of weight because of my Feeder ways. I guess that’s a compliment to my cooking…

Anyway, Foodbuzz aside, you may have noticed that I have some new toys! There’s a fantastic cooks’ haven called Whisk where I often go to gaze upon their beautiful cookware and lust after items I can’t afford. However, thanks to the end of formalised education and my continued part-time job selling posh baby items (ooOOOooh, seriously though, you having a baby? I can hook you up with some badass stuff), I’m in the money and slowly but surely I’m working on building up my perfect kitchen.

Now I like gadgets just as much as any other aspiring Heston Blumenthall (but female. And with a much easier name to pronounce), but too many gadgets in your kitchen just screams hassle and mess to me. Sure, they may be fun to play with at first, but then you’ve gotta clean ’em up! And put ’em away! And deep down I am just far too lazy for all that hassle. And storage space?! Hello. However, the one thing I was severely lacking were measuring cups and measuring spoons. I KNOW. How does one bake without these vital items? With great deviation between recipe and product, that’s how. NO LONGER SHALL I HAVE MISSHAPEN BAKED GOODS, NO! Those inaccurately measured proportional ways are behind me! I mean, just LOOK at that beautiful set of measuring cups! Look! They’re red and gorgeous! And they come with a leveller! And they didn’t cost me an arm and a leg! I KNOW.