The Chiswick Thai Festival


Buddha Is The Chef of Life, originally uploaded by jaxies.

The other week as I was heading home from work I saw some folks putting up a fence around the green round the corner. On the fence they were pinning signs which proclaimed that the Chiswick Thai Festival would be setting up there the following day, a day which happened to coincide with my day off. With my love for Thai food (of which there guaranteed to be plenty) it wasn’t exactly a hard decision.

Because I wandered around taking so many photos I’m actually not going to say very much in this post (surprising, I know). Instead I’m going to leave you with a lot of photos of the day – it was fun and the food was uber tasty (even though between Momma Lee & I we only had £15 to spend so couldn’t gorge ourselves as we would have otherwise). Enjoy the photos.


Siam Food Gallery, Virginia Waters


Yum Wun Sen, originally uploaded by jaxies.

I haven’t written about places I eat (of which there are many) yet in this little blog of mine, instead you’ve just been subject to my calorific recipes and experiments. After a particularly enjoyable lunch, and, more importantly, a lunch that I actually took photos of I decided what better way to kick off this portion of the blog than with a write-up.

The other day Momma Lee and I went for a little jaunt around town on her day off. We wanted to go to the Windsor Farm Shop so she decided to take me to the Siam Food Gallery in Virginia Waters first for lunch. She had been promising me that it was Thai food to the max, and I wasn’t at all disappointed.

We ordered a couple of starters and main courses with coconut rice, to all come at the same time, and were greeted with an array of colourful dishes, taste explosions and staff who, although appearing vaguely disinterested at first, were actually extraordinarily nice and friendly, seeing to our every whim. Of course, when we arrived, there were only two other tables occupied, and by the time we left we were the only diners in the entire restaurant. Shame, really, because the food is that good.