Cookin’ Up A Storm – The Tesco Real Food Challenge + Interview with Carol Vorderman


Image courtesy of Tesco’s.

A few weeks ago I had a mystery phone call from a friend. He had something huge to ask me but I had to keep it secret until it was launched because wow, this was so huge if it got out he’d probably be hung, drawn and quartered, and I would be tossed into a dungeon for crossing the powers that be.

…just kidding. But this was huge and I really couldn’t say anything about it until after the launch. You see, Tesco’s were running a huge recipe competition that was going to be televised later this year and he’d like me to be involved – how could I say no? Even better, I was going to be heading up the Me-Time Meals section with a greatly admired and well-loved British celebrity – the very lovely Carol Vorderman. What’s a girl to do, eh? Clearly get on the blower to Carol for a five-minute chat about all things food.

For the interview with Carol Vorderman, information on the competition and Carol’s recipe, read on…