Today was just one of those days. Do you know what I’m talking about? One of those days when you really need to curl up into a ball and sleep for hours because everything you touch somehow turns to doggy-doo-doo. My colleague and I were both having one of those days at work and were wandering around in a daze, despite the multiple cups of coffee. I think it’s because the hot weather appears to have subsided momentarily, instead leaving us with a very stereotypically-grey-London-haze. What we really need is a good thunderstorm to clear the air – the humidity is somewhat ridiculous right now.

Instead of doing what any other intelligent person would do in such a state (make a quickie dinner and then sleep for hours), when I got home I decided that a good, rich, comforting dish was exactly what I needed to make me feel better. Cue the tartiflette. Or at least my version.