Gracias Espana


I’m back and it’s cold and dark in London, but no matter. I’m leaving soon! Thanks Spain, you were beautiful. I’ll see you soon.


Adios Espana, Hello London


Thou Shalt Have A Fishy, originally uploaded by jaxies.

I’m back! Had a beautiful week in Spain with the boyfriend and now back to business. Just a short post because the one recipe I have to share from the holiday I neglected to take any photos of the night it was prepared, so will do it again sometime this week and post then.

The above photo was taken in Torremolinos in the south of Spain (very near to Malaga) and is one of about six boxes filled with freshly caught sardines, skewered on wooden spears and about to be barbecued over an open wood fire. The beach is dominated by lots of eateries and each claim a section of the beach. For example, the restaurant called ‘El Restaurante La Paella’ has a sign above their section of deck chairs that says, ‘La Playa ‘La Paella”. Very clever. This particular eatery caught our eye because it was a) called the Copa Cabana, and b) featured about 10 or so beds on their section of the beach. Uh, helloooo. We were going on a photography mission but instead ended up chilling out on a bed, drinking sangria, talking and snapping a few lazy photos. Bliss.