Mouth Orgasm In The Men’s


Mouth Orgasm, originally uploaded by jaxies.

Just a quick post – popped in to Mooli’s the other day for lunch with Catty and also because I’d received the rather intriguing (and bizarre) Tweet from the Mooli’s boys, “Come see our toilets. Bring camera”. With an invitation like that how could a girl resist?!


Do You Mooli? If Not, Why Not?!


These are great times that we live in – we live in the time of the viral. The instant. The I-Can-Set-Up-An-Interview-With-The-Mooli’s-Boys-On-Twitter-In-150-Characters-Or-Less. Yup, this all happened because I Tweeted them asking if I could pop down for a chat and some photos, and their speedy response was, “Deal. Best to come by after peak time though (2pm)”. How amazing is that? Sometimes Twitter is totally useless, but sometimes it’s perfect.

Sam (left) & Mathew (right), the co-owners of Mooli’s, are two of the nicest, most genuine and generous guys you will ever meet… and they’re cute, to boot. Within minutes of me arriving at 50 Frith Street, the Mooli’s home since mid-September 2009, Sam had thrust a complimentary refreshing mango lassi in my hand (which I definitely needed after my jaunt into Soho from Hammersmith!) and was chatting away to me with a big smile on his face, despite the fact that he was watching the England vs. Slovenia match on his MacBook. In fact, all the staff were watching the match on his MacBook, except for Mathew who was across the road at a karaoke bar, watching the match there. Whoops – I scheduled my interview during England’s World Cup match.


The Cinnamon Club, Great Smith Street


The Cinnamon Club 2, originally uploaded by jaxies.

The other night Papa Lee and I went to The Cinnamon Club on Great Smith Street for dinner. The Cinnamon Club is a non-traditional Indian restaurant – they’re pretty fancy, innit. The service is very good, if a little stand-offish, but I guess that’s part of the schtick. We only got a smile out of the waitress at the end of the meal when she didn’t believe that I was Papa Lee’s daughter. Anyway.

Things kicked off with a pre-starter of a potato croquette with coriander and mint raita, conveniently on a little cocktail stick so that you can pop the whole thing in your mouth. Pleasant enough but nothing particularly spectacular.