Go Tall-y, It’s Yo’ Birthday!


Mason Matcha-Misu, originally uploaded by jaxies.

I know, I only posted yesterday, but this one I just kinda wanted to show off a little. I’m also going to be a real bitch about it, because the recipe is still in development so I’m not actually going to tell you how to make it!…yet. The photo just turned out so nicely…

May I present to you the Mason Matcha-Misu, a matcha, pistachio and white chocolate tiramisu that I created especially for David, based on and adapted from his family’s mocha tiramisu recipe. On my birthday weekend back in February he actually rocked up to Nottingham holding a giant bowl of said mocha tiramisu for me, which it then took about three days to eat. It was a lovely birthday surprise. In return then, it was his birthday a couple of Sundays ago and I created my version just in time, made him a birthday video and showed it to him, then styled and photographed it, emailed it to him… then ate it. HA. Well I was enjoying it so that he could enjoy it vicariously through me…?


I’m Not Bluffin’ With My Muffins


After reading the ever lovely Monet’s, of Anecdotes & Apple Cores, blog post on her strawberry poppyseed muffins, I knew that exactly what I was craving were a few good muffins of the poppyseed variety.

I got thinking about a couple of good combinations and finally came up with this: orange marmalade, stem ginger and poppyseed.

Even better, I actually took photos of more than just the finished product this time! I KNOW. And they were just so pretty, too.