Project Food Blog Entry #3: Luxury Dinner Party – It’s A Mad ‘Mad Men’ World


Luxury 'Mad Men' Dinner Party Menu

Clearly I’m through to round 3 of Project Food Blog – THANK YOU. I’m overjoyed. For this round Foodbuzz asked us to plan and host a luxury dinner party for at least four.

So I have a confession. I’ve always wanted to be a 1950s/60s housewife. I know, it’s a bit weird, especially coming from a British-born Chinese (BBC) girl. Why would I want the constrictions? Am I mad? But it’s because I love the idea of the glamour. I love the clothes. I love the sophistication. I love the Martinis. So when I saw the words ‘Luxury Dinner Party’ all I saw was ‘Mad Men’. What better way to relax and kick-back with friends than with a throwback to times of total sophistication?