The Chiswick Thai Festival


Buddha Is The Chef of Life, originally uploaded by jaxies.

The other week as I was heading home from work I saw some folks putting up a fence around the green round the corner. On the fence they were pinning signs which proclaimed that the Chiswick Thai Festival would be setting up there the following day, a day which happened to coincide with my day off. With my love for Thai food (of which there guaranteed to be plenty) it wasn’t exactly a hard decision.

Because I wandered around taking so many photos I’m actually not going to say very much in this post (surprising, I know). Instead I’m going to leave you with a lot of photos of the day – it was fun and the food was uber tasty (even though between Momma Lee & I we only had £15 to spend so couldn’t gorge ourselves as we would have otherwise). Enjoy the photos.


The Roebuck, Chiswick High Road


Cumber-Cumber-Cumberland, originally uploaded by jaxies.

I know, I promised you recipes but I’ve been far too busy to cook of late. Sorry about that! Instead I have another mini write-up for you.

Yesterday I took David to Wimbledon and made an awesome picnic which consisted of a mozzarella, tomato, basil & avocado sandwich and a parma ham, mozzarella and avocado sandwich, cherry tomatoes, grapes, strawberries, two types of cheese, more bread, and a bottle of Pimm’s & lemonade, but because I made it at 7.30am I neglected to take any photos. We spent the day sitting on Henman Hill (or Murray Mount as it’s been renamed since Andy Murray became the Great British Tennis Hope), eating our picnic periodically, getting a little sunburnt, snapping photos and watching various tennis matches. I know how to pack a picnic, innit.

Anyway, Wimbledon and picnics aside, this evening I took my friends Tyler and Darren (funny story how I met Darren – I was in a gay bar in Portland with some friends, one friend was dancing next to Tyler and said, “My friend Jackie’s from England! She lives in London!” to which Tyler responded, “I’m moving to London! To Chiswick?” at which point I screamed, “OMGz THAT’S MY HOMETOWN!!!” – random, right? Absolutely brilliant, though!) to The Roebuck on Chiswick High Road, my fave gastro-pub. I actually took my first ever blog friend Ashley here when she visited me in London last summer, introduced her to Pimm’s (it’s all about the mint!) and the fantastic Cumberland sausage.