We Are The World: Kids Cook The World


A while back I received a copy of a lovely charity cookbook called Kids Cook The World, a book written by Solidarity Sports specifically to help families and children cook healthy, affordable family meals together.

Now I don’t have my own family yet and I won’t for the foreseeable future but this is a lovely book, jam-packed full of great recipes to cook with your family, and it’s endorsed by Ferran Adria! He notes in his preface that in this age of overfeeding and overabundance, food related problems are steadily growing and, worse, affecting our children. He says:

“If we do not find a solution soon, problems relating to unhealthy diets could become an unsustainable cost for most nations…healthy food is not more expensive and represents benefits that are felt in the short term. Only in this way will our youth and children truly know what well-being and quality of life mean…we (parents, doctors, cooks, teachers, etc.) must all lead the way.”

I love that – it’s easy to forget that we are not just a generation who live for ourselves but one that must lead by example for all future generations and, whilst it may sound a little preachy, we have to take steps to help ourselves, our children and our children’s children.


It’s Alive! Buy The Nudie Foodies Book Today


Photo by David Mason Photography, 2011.

The day has finally arrived! You may now purchase the Nudie Foodies book through Blurb. All net profits will go to AmeriCare‘s Japan tsunami relief fund, which directly helps those in need. The book only costs £17.61 (roughly $28) and Blurb will print and ship anywhere in the world! The photo above is another taken by the awesome David from our nekkid shoot, the photo in the book is entirely different! Don’t I spoil you?

18 fabulous nekkid bloggers, 18 mouthwatering recipes, helping charity and a whole lot of awesomeness. Buy the book today!

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I’m A Nudie Foodie


Photo by David Mason Photography.

So yeah… this happened. Want to see more? Yeah you do, you perv. Go on, get on over to the Nudie Foodies website to see my feature with more bonus photos not in the book/calendar, live today! Meow.

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