I Heart My Friends: Easy Bourbon Chocolate Cake by A Thought For Food (Guest Post)


Hi. Remember me? It’s okay, I don’t really either – that’s how busy I’ve been lately. What with moving house, running here and there reviewing restaurants, enjoying events, writing for a gazillion publications and really eating far too much food, it’s no surprise my lovely little blog has suffered as a consequence. This would mean the death of it, were it not for the fact that I have amazing friends across the globe who are not only wonderful writers, photographers and recipe creators, but also incredible people who have kindly offered to write me a guest post whilst I’m trying to get myself back together. Lucky me, right?

The first guest post ever is by none other than my incredibly talented friend and fellow Nudie Foodie, Brian from A Thought For Food. Brian not only regularly makes me drool on my keyboard, he also took me into his home recently when I was travelling, despite never having met before, which is completely indicative of his personality. He is kind, warm, loving, immense amounts of fun and one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever had the pleasure to spend time with. But enough of my gushing, here’s Brian delicious cake which I will definitely be attempting as soon as I make it back into my kitchen! Thank you Brian!

Given the nature of what we do, it’s safe to say that food bloggers like to eat. Of course that doesn’t mean that we’re all 800 pounds. We just enjoy leisurely, home-cooked meals and appreciate the way food can bring people together. But there’s the other side of food blogging that is sometimes neglected on our sites (though, for some writers, this is not the case): booze.


Mhm, I Loves Me Some Boston


It has taken me a ridiculously long time to write this post up – I guess it’s because I’ve been having far too much fun running around. But Boston was wonderful, and even better than the city was my fantastic host, the amazing Brian, who not only gave me a comfortable bed to sleep in but also pulled out all the stops for food (he made me lobster on my first night!), and kept me entertained with his list of Boston must-dos. I also met up with Jen for a quick coffee and a bite, which, though brief, was equally fabulous. Come to my side of the world soon, Jen!

As with everywhere else, it was a short trip, but it was full of fun, food and friends, and that’s the most important part, right? Oh, and we also did a little video, because we’re awesome like that. Thanks Brian – you are such a superstar!