Have I Got Muffins For You


As promised, blueberry cream cheese muffins! But wait, that’s not all, not one, not two, but THREE variations! HO-EM-GEEZ. Yeah, I’ve been baking like a mad woman today.

So my very lovely Food Blogger buddy Monet is the most fantastic baker. I wish I lived in her kitchen. Seriously, I could just live under the kitchen table and every so often a hand would come up out from under the table and she could pass me a freshly baked cookie, or muffin, or cupcake, or pie… mhm. I’m getting carried away now.

ANYWAY. The point is that Monet makes beautiful baked goods, and she uses blueberries in a lot of her cooking, which makes me sooo happy because I. Heart. Blueberries. And when I had an idea brewing to make some blueberry cream cheese muffins, I of course had to turn to Monet and her wonderful repertoire. So this post is dedicated to her.