Bobby Shafto’s Gone To Sea


Is there actually anything better in the summertime than a lovely piece of fish? I think not. Fresh fish is just so awesome. I mean, I’m a big seafood fan anyway, but something about summer just screams, “EAT FISH”. Don’tcha think?

My bestie Jun, of the Great Brownie Disaster as it shall forever be known, came over to hang out on Sunday so we spent the day cooking and baking, perfecting my muffin recipe (pretty good but needs something extra, I shall experiment further), making butterfly cupcakes (to come soon) and this lovely fishy dish for lunch.

I did my usual wander around the supermarket creating a recipe in my head for this one. I actually wanted to get some scallops, thanks to the ever wonderful Dan’s recipe over at IslandEAT (darn you for creating these currently unsatisfiable cravings!), but the scallops in the supermarket were pretty sad looking and expensive to boot, so I turned my nose up at them and found these lovely pieces of Cornish lemon sole instead.

Lemon sole is a beautiful fish – well, in taste, at least. In actuality they’re pretty ugly.

Photo courtesy of the BBC

Argh! Ugly fishy face!
Sorry. Anyway.