I Hear You Calling Me


I’ve been feeling restless once again. I find it hard to stay in one place, have difficulty staying in the moment and releasing my ‘what ifs’ and ‘if onlys’. I feel an overwhelming sadness that cannot be cured by friends or the occasional glimpse of sunshine. I know what this feeling is because I’ve felt it many times before, always in London: it’s a sense of not belonging, of being constantly on the fringes of this society – I am the other. My heart yearns to tread the familiar streets of Portland, Canada begs to be explored a little more and the West Coast? She calls my name persistently and insistently, invading my dreams and promising me happiness. I can’t help but be drawn in and believe her – probably because I recognise the truth when I hear it.

One thing that struck me most strongly whilst I was living in and travelling around the West Coast was just how much better at looking after the earth my friends were. The emphasis was on living and consuming locally, supporting business in the area, reducing your carbon footprint, cycling and walking instead of driving, reusing, reducing and recycling. We are a people of waste and excess. With technology has come an increase in food production and survival – I joke with a good friend that without the wonders of modern medicine she wouldn’t even be here, her allergies and intolerance are so numerous; natural selection just doesn’t exist for 1st world countries. But what of those starving around the world? What of those starving in the UK alone? There is an estimated 400,000 tonnes of surplus food that is disposed of each year from supermarkets, shops, restaurants and many others in the food retail industry, food that could go to feed others, food that is perfectly good to be turned into a healthy and nutritious meal.

Living in excess is something I most certainly have been guilty of. It’s very easy to fall into bad habits when you grow up (for lack of a better word) spoilt, but it is equally easy to begin the process of unlearning these bad habits and start to do your part to help – it’s certainly something that I miss about the West Coast, the company of those who hold these values close to their heart. It’s understandable then that when I heard about The People’s Kitchen in Dalston I knew I had to go.


A Little Slice of Americana – Spuntino, Soho


Hello. If you don’t remember me I’m the girl that used to blog over here. Hi. How ya doin’.

Sorry I’ve been away for so long – I took a wee break from blogging as there are quite a lot of things going on with me at the moment. I’ve been to a lot of events lately (which I will be writing up very soon), have declared my self-employment and started a new job, am moving out and moving house in mid-June, and have been so crazy busy it’s been a little ridiculous. So no wonder I’ve disappeared from the blogosphere for a short time.

Today I’m not giving you anything fancy, this is good, honest food, located in the heart of London’s Soho, and really at times like this that’s what you need.


Blowin’ It Up, Seattle Style


Can you believe that when I was living in Portland I actually never made it up to Seattle? It’s all because I was being a “hard-working” student, getting stuck into books and 20-page papers, and clearly having far too much fun. Well I knew this had to be remedied, especially when I found out that one of the craziest, most talented and creative people I knew was based there, somebody I knew I simply had to meet this trip. Messages were exchanged, transport was booked and on a slightly grey Valentine’s Day in Portland off I went to Seattle to visit the ever wonderful, beautiful and totally insane Linda from Salty Seattle!

We only had one day together to play thanks to crazy trip schedules, so we had to make it a good one. That can only mean one thing: it’s video time, baby! Cue much eating, fun and how Linda found me my One True Love in Amurika! But first let’s see what we managed to cram into my one day in Seattle…


The Great Burger Mission: Portlandia


The ‘Teemah’ at Killer Burger, NE Sandy Blvd.

We interrupt this regular travel update series to bring you a feature on that great American classic: the burger!

I love burgers. When I was a wee thing and had to take packed lunches into school Momma Lee would sometimes give me a Cheeseburger or Filet O’Fish from Macdonald’s – I kid you not. Every Sunday we would gather around the table to feast on Burger King or Macdonald’s – the burger culture was engrained within me from a young age. It was a real treat and a half… but there was always something missing about these burgers. They were limp… too onion-y, too processed. After a time we moved on to KFC for Sunday lunch (God we were a healthy family) and burgers became a thing of the past, and now… well now I don’t eat them all that often, if ever.

You see, having been over to the Burger Dark Side, a good burger has become a thing of legend and lore. I’ve tried many, believe me, but a good burger? It doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. So I decided that whilst travelling through Amurika, as I like to call her, I had to start my own little mission: The Great Burger Mission, one to find the best burger possible in every State I visit in the US.

Now I know, it’s a guaranteed way for me to return to the UK as big as a house, and that is why whilst on this journey I will not necessarily eat the whole burger (unless it’s so damn tasty it leaps into my mouth), and I’ll also endeavour to live as healthily as possible otherwise. So grant me this indulgence as the search begins in Portland OR!