See Ya London, Hola Espana


Richmond Shoot 2, originally uploaded by jaxies.

Mini-post today, sad to say no recipes but that’s because… I’m off to Spain for a week! So here’s a photo of me instead, taken last summer by the boyfriend. See his work here or his Flickr photostream here.

I wasn’t planning on bringing my camera to Espana, but after a quick Skype sesh with the boyfriend I’ve decided that it will go in my luggage, mostly because we plan on going on a few adventures around the south and it’d be foolish not to bring the camera to play with and go on photo excursions. Yes, we are that couple.

Sorry, little distracted, someone outside my window is gunning their car like crazy at nearly 1am. Anyway.

The appearance of said camera hopefully means that I’ll be able to take a couple of food-related photos and then post about it when I get back, but don’t get your hopes up – I’m notoriously bad at taking photos in actual restaurants/eateries because I’m a wuss. People stare at you when you’ve got an SLR pointed at your food and you’re leaning backwards trying to get the best shot possible. In fact, when I first got my Nikon D60, I was in Wagamama’s with my best friend and because my go-to lens (of two) is my 50mm I was leaning right back off the bench to snap my ramen. I was leaning so far back the waiter walked into my head. Luckily he was pretty cool about it, and even asked me as I was leaving if I’d managed to get some good shots of my food. As a matter of fact, I did. This was our edamame with chilli and garlic:

Another time I was at La Trompette for Momma Lee’s birthday dinner and whilst trying to photograph my dessert (which Momma Lee was cringing at all the way through and hissing at me to put the camera away because I was embarrassing her), the waiter came over, told me I needed to get the layers and offered to hold it up for me. He then informed me his girlfriend was an amateur photographer and that’s how he knew the best way to photograph food. I actually took this one practically lying flat on the table to get the right angle:

So there you go. Still. I’m pretty awful at taking photos of food when I don’t have all the time in the world to style it and snap it (and not have my head walked into by a passing waiter) so we’ll see. But photos of Spain shall come… eventually.

Have a beautiful week and until next time – peace and love.

Jax x

3 Responses to “See Ya London, Hola Espana”

  1. Ashley Says:

    those pics look like they are out of a magazine, though!

    Can't wait for pictures from Spain!!

  2. Monet Says:

    You look beautiful! Have a wonderful time in Spain. My husband and I visited Madrid last April and loved it. Safe journey!

  3. Jackie Says:

    Ash – ha, thanks! Rewards for my troubles, eh?

    Monet – aw, thank you =) Spain was beautiful – kinda sad to be back in London now, but at least the weather's good!

    Jax x

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