Round 2: It’s On, Baby!


Lovely people of the Blogosphere! Voting for entry #2 is now open! Thank you all so much for your votes last time, now you get to do it all over again!

You can vote from 6am PST (2pm GMT) September 27th (that’s today) until 6pm PST (2am GMT (1st)) September 30th (that’s Thursday!). The 200 bloggers who will be progressing to the next round will be announced at 12pm PST (8pm GMT) October 1st (Friday).

So to vote:

1. If you are already a fellow Featured Publisher/Foodbuzz-er, click the link below, click the heart and that’s it! Simples!

2. If you are not a Foodbuzz member already but you totally love me and want me to go through to the next round (you lovely people you) you can join Foodbuzz.com (it’s free! No spam and 100% foodie goodness, plus you don’t even need a blog), click the link below, click the heart and that’s it!

3. If you already joined Foodbuzz because you voted for me last time round (I love you) then you don’t need to do anything else but vote for the new entry!

Thank you lovely, wonderful people! Hopefully see you next round ;)


That’s all for now! Help me get through to round #3! Peace and love.

Jax x

6 Responses to “Round 2: It’s On, Baby!”

  1. islandeat Says:

    Hi, Jax. I've voted for you again for your wonderful post on the lamb tagine – with pomegranate, no less.

    Also, I have given you a "Versatile Blogger Award", which you can pick up on my site when you have spare moment.



  2. Monet Says:

    Sweet girl, You know I'm ALL OVER voting for you. Consider me sold!

  3. Ashley Says:

    we can only vote for each post once, right??

    I tried to vote again and I think it won't let me. haha.

  4. sophiaaaa Says:

    I think you're an adorable Asian too. :D


  5. Reeni Says:

    Just dropped by to say hi! And to say thanks for the sweet comment you left me. xoxo

  6. Jackie Says:

    Thanks for all of your lovely comments and votes, guys! I got through because of all of YOU! Just posted my entry for challenge #3 – voting starts again on Monday! Fingers crossed!

    Jax x

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