I’m A Nudie Foodie


Photo by David Mason Photography.

So yeah… this happened. Want to see more? Yeah you do, you perv. Go on, get on over to the Nudie Foodies website to see my feature with more bonus photos not in the book/calendar, live today! Meow.

Peace and love,

Jax x

14 Responses to “I’m A Nudie Foodie”

  1. Bea Parkin Says:

    Lookin HOT! You go girl, and all for a good cause – can’t wait to buy it. Love the shoes! x

  2. Ashley Says:

    woo hoo, I like the little glimpse of the tattoo! The pictures turned out lovely :)

  3. Russell van Kraayenburg Says:

    Holy Moly! I’m gay and I think the photos are super hot. I’ll definitely be your american boy : )

  4. Gwen~healthymamma Says:

    Work it sister! ;) This oughtta bring in enough money to rebuild Japan for sure. ;)

  5. Brian @ A Thought For Food Says:

    You’ve already turned me straight… I think you may be so hot, you’ve turned me gay again.

  6. Jean Says:

    Well done, Missy! Love the pin-up girl quality of the photos. Tasteful and beautiful. And for a great cause!

  7. CC11 Says:

    Damn woman! See, it is possible to enjoy food AND have a rockin bod :)

  8. Sabrina Modelle Says:

    I adore you! This is so lovely! I am a big fan of the nudie foodie project and your photo is no exception (of course)

  9. Kay@Chopstix2Steaknives Says:

    you go girl!! Love the teaser!

  10. Charsue Says:

    Go girl!! love it! PS: is that a tattoo i see?

  11. Chef Dennis Says:

    Great Job Jackie!! you are breath taking!!!
    If I wasn’t so old, I would definitely be your American Boy!

  12. Mindy Says:

    Way to go Jax! You look terrific.

  13. Jackie Says:

    Oh gosh you guys are all too kind ;) I’d like all of you to be mine, please!

    Jax x

  14. leaf (the indolent cook) Says:

    Hot damn! I just discovered the Nudie Foodies project and made my way over here. You are one gorgeous lady.

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