Mouth Orgasm In The Men’s


Mouth Orgasm, originally uploaded by jaxies.

Just a quick post – popped in to Mooli’s the other day for lunch with Catty and also because I’d received the rather intriguing (and bizarre) Tweet from the Mooli’s boys, “Come see our toilets. Bring camera”. With an invitation like that how could a girl resist?!

Catty had the Mini Goat Mooli because, as she says, “goat because it’s seriously delicious and mini because, trust me, awesomeness comes in small packages” and I had the Mini Beef Mooli because it was one of the ones I’ve yet to try. Catty topped her meal off with a bag of poppadoms and a Mango Lassi, and I had an orange juice to wash it all down. Delicious, the perfect lunch and company!

Afterwards we wandered over to the toilets, cameras in hand, to find this:

The Men’s wall…

The back of the Ladies’ door…

What is it? Why, only our review quotes published in the toilets for all to see!…sort of. Basically the boys decided to take a quote from all of the bloggers and reviewers who have written about them and paint them onto the wall of the Men’s and door of the Ladies’ toilets. It was pretty hilarious walking in to see my quote, “‘Oh my God, I’m having a mouth orgasm’ and shove the whole thing in my gob” and my Twitter tag in HUGE letters on the wall of Men’s. Even funnier that Catty and I then proceeded to take photos of the whole thing (with her even sitting on the floor of the Ladies’ to do so! I decided to sit on the toilet to take mine… with the lid down, I might add).

So we’ve been published! Kinda. Pretty funny though, eh? You can read my full review and interview with the Mooli’s boys here.

Catty’s quote in close-up.

In other news, I was down at Mooli’s again yesterday for a chat with Mathew about culinary careers (which is also when I took the photo of the Ladies’ – only had my 50mm with me the other day and couldn’t fit the whole thing in! That’s why it look radically different from the other photos… and I used the flash), and he gave me some super mega awesome advice. I’ve also been chatting to my buddy Dan of IslandEAT who has been giving me amazing advice about life, careers and work, and he’s got me in touch with a couple of other incredible people who are also giving me lots of food for thought! So massive, massive thanks to Dan, Theresa & Lynn – you guys should check out their blogs, because not only are they lovely people, they’re also all fantastic cooks.

Speaking of which, if you have any advice you’d like to impart, please email me – I’d love to hear any wisdom or experience you’d like to offer! Also, I have a new food-only email address, so you won’t be binned for fear of junk, which was what was happening to a couple of other emails in my old email!

Right, that’s all for now. Lots of cooking happening in the next week or so, including a collaborative guest post – ooooh! Details soon! Hope you’re all doing well, if anybody has any more advice about immigrating to Canada for David please drop a comment or an email and let us know!

Until next time, peace and love.

Jax x

4 Responses to “Mouth Orgasm In The Men’s”

  1. Monet Says:

    This is so hilarious! And cool! Congratulations on getting "published"….what a great idea! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday love!

  2. Ashley Says:

    THAT IS AWESOME!!! Now people will think of your wise words as they sit on the toilet. :)

    Also…"bag of poppadoms and a Mango Lassi"


    You need to clarify this for Americans. haha.

  3. Chef Dennis Says:

    you are just too funny!!! congratulations on being published!!

  4. Jackie Says:

    Monet – thank you lovely! =)

    Ash – well it's on the wall BEHIND the toilet, so I think it's more a case of point, shoot, read…? :P Poppadoms are a kind of crispy flatbread or cracker which are served as an accompaniment to Indian food, normally. They tend to be quite big, about the size of a plate. A lassi is a yoghurt based drink, in this instance mango flavoured!

    Dennis – haha, thank you, "published"!

    Jax x

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