Fund A Fun Documentary: Good Taste & Gatherings


So by now you guys have all heard of Kickstarter, right? If not then you’ve probably been living under a rock but I’ll give you the Spark Notes – have an idea or venture that needs funding? Kickstarter’s your friend. Simply describe what you want to do and how much it’s going to cost, set a time limit and then see if you make your goal. If you get the funding your project is greenlit and you receive the backers’ money, if you don’t reach your goal nobody gets charged. It’s a fantastic way for artists, filmmakers and alike to get the funding for a project from the people that matter the most – the public, ie. you and me. Previously, Kickstarter has brought to life the amazing Nomiku home sous vide – an affordable and portable device to turn any pot in your kitchen into a sous vide!

A little while ago I was contacted by the folks behind Good Taste & Gatherings, a new documentary web series who are trying to get their project greenlit through Kickstarter. Essentially the documentary follows three different groups of “foodies” who create “extraordinary community experiences” through food – in this current trend of pop-ups and supperclubs, the documentary sounds like a great way to gain insight into why regular folk love to make and share food. In Saralyn Critchlow’s (the associate producer) & Dawn LaMattina Asher’s (the producer) words, they “want to see lives changed as a result of ‘Good Taste & Gatherings'”.

At the moment they’re raising $30,000 for the first 3 episodes (which pays for prep, production and post-production), with a long-term goal of hopefully being picked up by a bigger network or brand. The first two episodes will feature Darling Magazine, a former greenlit Kickstarter campaign, and Musement, an LA-based community “art thrashing experience”. The third “foodie” featured will be picked by you, the public!

Though initially dubious at first, I sent a series of emails back and forth to the director Saralyn and the more she told me about the project the more exciting it seemed. I don’t usually promote things like this but because it seemed like such a fun and interesting idea, I felt that it was something I’d really love to see greenlit.

With about two weeks left to reach their funding goal, they really do need all the help they can get. Check out their intro video below and if this sounds like something you’d like to see realised, then head on over to the Good Taste & Gatherings Kickstarter page and become a backer!

Good luck reaching your goal, ladies!

Until next time, peace and love,

Jax x

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