Go Tall-y, It’s Yo’ Birthday!


Mason Matcha-Misu, originally uploaded by jaxies.

I know, I only posted yesterday, but this one I just kinda wanted to show off a little. I’m also going to be a real bitch about it, because the recipe is still in development so I’m not actually going to tell you how to make it!…yet. The photo just turned out so nicely…

May I present to you the Mason Matcha-Misu, a matcha, pistachio and white chocolate tiramisu that I created especially for David, based on and adapted from his family’s mocha tiramisu recipe. On my birthday weekend back in February he actually rocked up to Nottingham holding a giant bowl of said mocha tiramisu for me, which it then took about three days to eat. It was a lovely birthday surprise. In return then, it was his birthday a couple of Sundays ago and I created my version just in time, made him a birthday video and showed it to him, then styled and photographed it, emailed it to him… then ate it. HA. Well I was enjoying it so that he could enjoy it vicariously through me…?

Making this recipe I was faced with a few challenges. The first was that in the original recipe David uses hazelnut chocolate, and when we were discussing the version I was going to create (we’d been talking about this idea for a while) we wondered whether we could find white chocolate with pistachios. After a quick Google search we found Amedei I Frutti, Toscano White with Pistachio – a white chocolate bar “laced” with pistachios (you have to read the full description on the page of the bar, it’s hilarious). It was hilarious that there was actually such a thing in existence, so after checking to make sure the site wasn’t a scam, I ordered two bars and a couple of days later they arrived. Chocolate problem solved.

The second challenge was that the original recipe calls for Bailey’s as the alcohol of choice. Now Bailey’s ain’t gonna work with matcha green tea, so I searched high and low, racking my brains for a substitute, when one day, purely by chance, I found a bottle of white chocolate liqueur. Bingo. The sweetness, however, would mean using less, but that’s okay, this one was my experiment. Liqueur problem solved.

The final challenge was that I decided to make my own sponge fingers and that instead of plain sponge fingers they were going to be matcha sponge fingers. Now they’re not hard to make, but doi, silly me, thought it would be easier to make them on my silicone baking tray instead of a regular baking tray. That means they’re not going to stick. If they don’t stick when you turn the tray upside down to tap off the excess icing sugar then they’re going to fall off the tray. Cue turning the silicone baking tray over and one big green mess all over my kitchen counter. So when I managed to scoop them back onto my silicone baking tray what I was left with were about 12 vaguely green (needed more matcha) messes of sponge finger mix, in what looked like various sized dog-poo shapes. So attractive. To solve the dog-poo problem, when they were baked and had cooled down somewhat, I used a bread knife to trim the edges and make them a little more uniform. I also used those edges to fill in the awkward gaps in the mould. So it shouldn’t have been a problem, but it was, solved.

So the final product and the taste test. Altogether, a pretty good first try. It was creamy and tasty, the pistachios worked really nicely, but there wasn’t quite enough alcohol. I mean, c’mon. Tiramisu should be boozy, right? If it’s not I think your tiramisu has failed fundamentally. There also wasn’t quite enough matcha flavour (I only put a little into the cream mixture because I wasn’t sure how much I really needed) and actually, although white chocolate goes really nicely with matcha, it was almost a little too sweet and needed something else to temper it out. So I’ve got some ideas, and there are some things I’m still working on, but the next version should be perfect, and when it is, promise I’ll share. I can’t leave you on tenterhooks after showing you this, right? I’ve also promised David that when it’s absolutely perfect I’ll send it to him so that he can make it and try it out himself/have me make it for him the next time I see him.

Anyway, just a small glimpse into my mind during Recipe Darevelopment, probably mostly not all that interesting and I can guarantee you that I will be making this several times over before I declare it perfect, but if you were bored during this post just look back at the food porn at the top of this post and think, ‘ooooh, aaaah, yeah baby, I want to nom that…’

Until next time, peace and love.

Jax x

14 Responses to “Go Tall-y, It’s Yo’ Birthday!”

  1. Chanel11 Says:

    That's some serious multistep problem solving…and yeah, that pic is pure food porn, nice job

  2. catty Says:

    That looks delicious! And love the chocolate shavings on top :)

  3. Tunde Says:

    Nice Darevelopment here Jackie !! The pic looks great . I'll call it "little Earl green goblin". I 'm sure it taste heavenly. How about making some spiced tea liqueur ?

  4. Cooking Gallery Says:

    I love matcha and the cake looks delicious…!

  5. Chef Dennis Says:

    that was simply amazing! wowser, you have truly produced a signature masterpiece dessert!! Tiramisu is my favorite dessert in the whole world, yours takes it to another level I had not even imagined….

    now just share the whole recipe!!!!

  6. Monet Says:

    Despite what you might think…this cake looks out of this world! You are one baking/creating queen. I would be so impressed if you served this on my birthday. Please come to Austin in December! Hugs!

  7. Mgoh Says:

    No kidding, the photo looks soooo good!!!!!! can i place an order for this for my b'day next year? LOL! seriously it's good and looking forward to the recipe.

  8. Medifast Coupons Says:

    Wow the determination, good for you it sure looks delectable.

  9. Jackie Says:

    Chanel11 – I do love a bit of Food Porn ;)

    Catty – thanks lovely! I was trying to get it done to send to you in time for Matcha Madness, but one thing led to another and no time! I'll let you know when the recipe's up properly.

    Tunde – nice nickname! I like it. As for spiced tea liqueur – that's a very good idea! I've been recommended a Polish vodka which I'm going to experiment with, too.

    Cooking Gallery – thank you! And thanks for swinging by ;)

    Dennis – ha, you are so sweet! I promise as soon as I finalise the recipe I'll share!

    Monet – you are so lovely :D Thank you, and Austin is a definite possibility! In the new year, though – shall keep you informed!

    Mgoh – ha, cake for eeeveeerybody! ;)

    Medifast – thank you and thanks for swinging by!

    Jax x

  10. Reeni Says:

    This is truly a work of art! It's positively gorgeous. And do you know how much I love matcha and white chocolate? Every time I eat green tea ice cream I wish someone would make one with white chocolate in it too. I just think of it as a perfectly balanced combination. Add some pistachios into the mix and it's nothing short of heaven!

  11. Fiona Says:

    What an amazing cake and I too have a food porn fetish so sincerely appreciate your photography. Your persistence with creating this definitely paid off!

  12. Jelly Shot Test Kitchen Says:

    That is one amazing cake – sounds sooo good! I haven't even had breakfast yet and your food porn is leading me down the primrose path to temptation! Can't wait to see how the recipe evolves! Cheers, Michelle

  13. Jackie Says:

    Reeni – aw, thank you lovely! Maybe you should try making some matcha ice cream with white chocolate chunks? Could be a project for you!

    Fiona – thank you! And thanks for swinging by ;) I must admit, I was particularly proud of this one! Thanks for dropping by the blog!

    Michelle – haha, thank you! Believe me, Food Porn is a dangerous thing before breakfast… thanks for swinging by!

    Jax x

  14. patissierement-votre Says:

    This looks delicious and the picture is great :)

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