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Chilli Edamame, originally uploaded by jaxies.

Just a quickie post to tide you over whilst I’m still recovering from (what I have now discovered to be) an infection in my left parotid gland. That’s saliva gland to you and I ordinary folks. Thank you all so much for such lovely messages wishing me well, you’re the nicest people I’ve never met! Ha! Seriously though, really appreciated it. You can read more about my experience with the doctor’s surgery this morning over on my Life Blog, including some photos NOT of food but of people! Unheard of. Phew!

So the other week I took Jun (of The Great Brownie Disaster) out for dinner to cheer her up. The tenth flat she’d looked at to move into at the beginning of August had fallen through on her and she needed some food therapy. Since she currently works around London Bridge of course we had to go down to Borough Market. Bully for us, it was a Monday evening, market’s shut. But oh well, Feng Sushi has always been a nice experience! And we are all about the Japanese food. Unfortunately, this time the experience was somewhat tainted.

Jun and I had a lovely time. We caught up on life, talked about drama, joked and laughed, the food was good and arrived pretty quickly, although pretty much all at once. The waiting staff, however, were appalling. Not only did they forget to give us one of our dishes (luckily they didn’t charge us twice or I would’ve really kicked off), they basically threw the food at us and then disappeared. They only brought us one drink. They completely ignored any attempt we made at eye-contact to beckon someone over to us. We were sat with empty dishes in front of us for thirty minutes trying to get someone to bring us the bill. It wasn’t even that busy! They were just chatting away to one another at the till and totally ignoring us.

Now you know me, I don’t often write bad reviews, but I do tell it like it is, and I’m sorry Feng Sushi – your food may be good but your waiting staff are terrible. I did not tip, and that’s not something I normally do either!

Regardless, the food was good, and I understand that they have a few branches here and there, so maybe just avoid the one by Borough Market? At least until they get their act together.

We had edamame with sweet chilli sauce which had been deep-fried, of all things (pictured at top of post) as one of our starters. I’ve never had them deep-fried before and it was definitely an interesting way to serve them. Very more-ish. Could’ve done with less sweet chilli sauce, however, it was positively drowning in it (not obvious from the photo, but trust me, it was).

Then sweet shrimp nigiri sushi (of which there should’ve been two orders, grumble grumble) and a Superior California Maki roll – Soft Shell Crab, white crab claw meat, avocado, Yuzo Tobiko, and Japanese Thousand Island dressing. Very nice. Decadent and a little pricey, but well worth it.

Jun’s main was tempura baby squid served with a cucumber salad and rice, which was very nice. The baby squid were so light and crunchy. The portion size was pretty small, though, probably could’ve been eaten quite happily as a starter.

My main was Teriyaki salmon with warm soba noodles, which had rocket and red onion mixed into it. It was very nice, if a little large, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t finish the entire dish anyway…

Anyway, this is a pretty quick one, but I do recommend it for the food. It’s generally not too pricey (£25/head, including three shared starters, main and a cocktail) and they are more fusion-y, so perfect for the novice sushi-lover. Just maybe avoid Borough Market.

Feng Sushi
13 Stoney Street
Borough Market – London

020 7407 8744

Okay, bed time. Hope you’re all doing super – look forward to catching up with you all soon! Until next time, peace and love.

Jax x

9 Responses to “Feng Sushi, Borough Market”

  1. Monet Says:

    My sweet friend…I hope you start to feel better soon. Rest as much as you can. And isn't it a shame when really good food is spoiled by bad service? Sometimes restaurants drive me mad!

  2. bron Says:

    I like the food here but I've been a few times and the service has never been all that. I have a theory that you get crap service at all the restaurants around the market because most of their business is one time only customers so they don't really give a damn.

  3. Cinnamon Girl Says:

    I hope you can get back to yourself real soon. I read your other post – mean doctor! He should be ashamed of himself.

    This food looks really delicious! I love the sound of the fried edamame. But Boo! on the waitstaff.

    Feel better! xoxo

  4. Chef Dennis Says:

    you certainly took some incredible images and you had some delicious looking food! I do hate when service ruins a meal….being a chef it makes me feel even worse…..and I do hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. Chanel11 Says:

    Saliva infection? Man, I have never heard of that but sucks that you have it – hope you heal super fast :)

    Hopefully they'll read your post and fix the service, it can really ruin a good meal when it's bad.

  6. catty Says:

    Oh i hope you feel better soon! *hugs* I like Feng Sushi too :)

  7. Jackie Says:

    Monet – thank you, sweetheart! Much better now, but still a little under the weather. Hopefully getting over the last of it now, though!

    Bron – it is a real shame, eh? At least it wasn't just me being picky! You're probably right on your theory, y'know, which is pretty lame for the BM restaurants. Thanks for swinging by =)

    Reeni – thanks for the lovely comment! Yeah, the doctor was very harsh, but apparently that's just her way. I still think she needs to learn some better bedside manner, though… the fried edamame was pretty bizarre but super tasty!

    Dennis – thank you =) Clearly they need to train their staff a little better!

    Chanel11 – I know, really random, right? Also random that it's taking this long to heal up! And I can only hope that somewhere like Feng Sushi would realise that their customers are not being satisfied and do something about it. More for their sake than anything else.

    Catty – thanks lovely =)

    Jax x

  8. Teanna Says:

    I hope you are feeling better!!! That photo is absolutely stunning!

  9. Jackie Says:

    Thanks Teanna, and thanks for swinging by!

    Jax x

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