Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater


A few days ago a lovely chap by the name of James contacted me asking, rather tentatively, if I might be interested in their little infographic – a cheat sheet for the novice/intermediate/experienced UK cook. He assured me that it was very pretty but, having the high standards I have, I was a little dubious. So I clicked on the link, fully expecting a hastily hobbled together Photoshop job, and instead was very pleasantly surprised when I was greeted with this absolutely stunning bit of work.

I simply love the font, the graphics and most of all, the fabulous tips, hints and cooking info (or culinary magic, as I often refer to it) and, best of all, it’s free! Print it out, stick it on your fridge or even laminate it and create a kitchen shrine for it – I probably will. I don’t know how many times I’ve ended up getting sticky fingers all over my laptop because I need to check a conversion, weight or safe cooking temperature – this not only looks great, it’s useful and it’s actually correct (huzzah!).

So a big thank you to James and Everest for creating something useful for the British home kitchen. A link to printable PDFs is down the bottom!

If you’d like to find a printable version of this cheat sheet, visit the Everest site.

Until next time, peace and love,

Jax x

4 Responses to “Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater”

  1. auscanucksarah Says:

    That is GENIUS!!! *yoink*

  2. Row Says:

    This would be awesome for Canadian kitchens also! Thanks! :)

  3. The Suzzzz Says:

    This isn’t just good for British cooks, this works great for us Americans who have European recipes that we need to convert. Thanks!

  4. Tori Says:

    I love this! Another one for the kitchen wall, I think.

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