Project Food Blog Entry 7: Video 411 – Nom Time with Feeder Lady & Nom Man


And so, my friends, I’m back again to thank you for helping me get through to round 7 of Project Food Blog, hosted by Foodbuzz.com and to tell you how much I appreciate it. I can’t even tell you just how much. Thank you for all of your votes and lovely comments! In this round we were asked to create a video of us cooking something, whether from the archives or new.

Whenever I think of instructional videos I can’t help but think about when I was growing up and used to watch countless children’s TV shows – in fact I still watch countless children’s TV shows – but one in particular that stood out for me was Blue Peter. Blue Peter is now much changed, but when I was a young ‘un it was THE show to head home to – it was just so cool and you, by association, were at least 5% cooler, too. So for my video entry I wanted to do a little nod to kids’ TV shows. Let the silliness ensue.


Roll Up For Round 6!


And so we meet again. You know, when I started this competition I never even thought I’d get through the first round, because there were so many awesome and talented bloggers who were competing. And, I’ll admit, I entered on a whim, didn’t calculate how much time and effort I’d be putting into this whole thing, just sorta thought ‘eh, why not’. And then I got through to the second round. And third round. And fourth round. And fifth round. And now I’m here, writing this in my kitchen in London, with the sunshine coming through the windows and blinding me, a massive pot of Morroccan lamb stew for my catering job this evening on the go on the hob behind me, and I cannot believe that I’m asking you to vote for me to get through into round seven. ROUND. SEVEN. I must be doing something right. Does this sound incredibly gushy and lame? Honey, I’ve got news for you: I am gushy and lame: I am lushy; or game.

Anyway, do you want to see me go through into round seven, wherein you get to see me on VIDEO being lushy?! I hope so. Help me once more, friends. Vote for me and help me advance one more round in this competition. I would be terribly grateful. Thank you for all of your support thus far – from friends and family, to complete strangers who have embraced me with open (blogging) arms: I’m sending you a huge hug. And Nom Man too!

You know the drill by now but here’s the gist: sign in/sign up to Foodbuzz.com, click the link below, click the heart, vote for me. Thank you with all that I am.


See you in round 7…? Peace and love.

Jax x

Project Food Blog Entry 6: Road Trip – More Tea, Vicar?


So I guess you guys must like what I do, because I’m through to round 6 of Project Food Blog, hosted by Foodbuzz.com! Thank you all SO much for you votes. Am thrilled to pieces. For this round we were told to create a meal that would travel well for a road trip, including an entree, side, dessert and drink.

So when you’re planning a road trip one of the key parts of said trip is transportation, right? Well. Next to food, of course. However, with my car currently out of action the travelling part of this challenge was going to prove tricky, so I got to thinking about where I was going to go and how I was going to get there, and more importantly about what I was going to make to eat. This then led to me thinking about this city I live in, and all of its transportation options, and how freakin’ proud I was to be the only Londoner in this competition… and then it hit me: I have to make High Tea and go see The Queen. And as for transport? My preferred mode is public, because if it doesn’t travel well on a double-decker bus and the Tube then, baby, it ain’t gonna travel at all.


The Times, They Are A Changin’ – PizzaExpress Living Lab Launch Night


Photo courtesy of Unity PR, on behalf of PizzaExpress.

I love independent. I really like to support local, to find individual shops, eateries and places of interest, and I like to give them my business. I’m not doing this because I want to be poncy; I’m doing it because I am, essentially, a creature of habit. Once I’ve found somewhere I like I’ll shout about it from the rooftops, tell everybody I know, and bring copious amounts of people there. Just ask the Mooli’s boys – they can’t get rid of me!

So when I received an email a few weeks ago from one of the PR team at Unity for PizzaExpress I nearly trashed it immediately. PizzaExpress is not just pizza (which we already know I have an aversion to) but it’s the very name: Express. Express meaning fast. Meaning chain. Meaning I’m-not-going-there-voluntarily. Narrow-minded? Sure. But like I said: creature of habit.


Let’s Get It Onnnn


Round 5 voting is now OPEN! Woo! Help me get through to round 6 – my special cooler for that round arrived today and it’s totally awesome. Seriously. I spent most of the morning cuddling it. I am that lame. So help me get through to round 6 so that I can actually use it!

So now an apology. I know, I keep saying that I’m going to give you all of these wonderful updates and news, and then each week comes around and I, er, haven’t. So apologies for that, and particular apologies to David because he built me not one but two different sites: re-designed my food blog and did my photography portfolio site, and I haven’t even begun to tell you about the latter! But y’know, I want to keep it to myself for a little longer because it deserves the full attention and respect of you, my lovely readers, and with Project Food Blog still in full swing it just won’t get that. But I do want to take this opportunity to say thank you. So thank you, thank you, thank you to David, for his never-ending patience and good will (particularly when I phoned him up quite early in the morning whilst he was still asleep, freaking out about the launch of the blog, and he didn’t say ‘PISS OFF I’M SLEEPING’, he just requested I give him 10 minutes to sort himself out and then made it all work beautifully), his extraordinary talent and hard work, and his full support and encouragement in everything I do. I am more grateful than I could ever hope to express in written form or any other. If any of you need some website work done (or are in the Vancouver BC area and want some photography), you should get in contact with David and tell him I sent you!

So. Now to vote.

1. If you’re a Featured Publisher, click the link below, click the heart and do a little dance, baby, ‘cuz you just voted for me!

2. If you’re not a Featured Publisher, sign in to Foodbuzz, click the link below and click the heart – you’ve just voted for me too!

3. If you’re not signed up yet but you don’t want me to hunt you down and ask why the heck not, sign-up, sign-in, click the link below and click the heart – baby, you’re not just signed up to an awesome free foodie site, you are now also ON MY GOOD LIST. And you’ve voted for me ;)

Thanks guys! I appreciate you all and your awesomeness as always. You’ve got me this far, let’s get me one step further!


Until next time, my friends, you know the drill: peace and love.

Jax x

Project Food Blog Entry #5: Recipe Remix – Coming To Terms With Pizza


So here we are again. Round five of Project Food Blog hosted by Foodbuzz.com. Can you believe it?! Halfway into the competition and still standing. As the only Brit left I’m slightly shocked, and also incredibly grateful. Thank you for voting for me, for all your wonderful comments and emails – I’m very appreciative, as is Nom Man, who was so happy he devoured the remaining chocolate truffles and promptly fell into a sugar coma. So he’ll be absent from this post, but he said to tell you that, ahem: “NOM MAN SAY HE LOVE YOU”. So. There you go.

For this round we were told to create our own version of pizza.

So I’m a little weird. A little?! I hear you ask; yeah, okay, I’m a lot weird, but one of the weirdest things about me is that whilst I am happy to eat pretty much anything on my plate, offal, chicken feet, fish eyeballs (yes, I have been there), I… well… I don’t like pizza. I don’t know what it is about pizza that I so dislike: it’s too… bread-y? Or greasy? Or just… bland? Maybe a combination of all three. I’ve had people who have tried to convince me otherwise, have made me deep-dish, thin-crust, Italian, Chicago – baby, I’ve tried ‘em all – and the only two I’ve vaguely liked were Otto Pizza’s cornmeal crust pizzas, and a thin-crust I made with David. But still, when given a choice, I’m not going to go for the pizza. Sorry. Maybe that makes me a little insane (a little more insane), but it just ain’t my thing.


Sing For Round 4!


O HAI! I’m singing at the tops of my lungs in the flat today as I chop leeks and onions and prepare for my catering gig, and y’know why? Well, for one because it’s fun, but also because voting for round 4 of Project Food Blog is now open!

That’s right! You guys can now vote for me (and Nom Man) to help get us through to round 5, and one step closer to that grand prize! Booyah, baby. So, let’s run through this process again, although if you don’t know how to vote by now… well. I’m really just disappointed in you. Yup. Do you feel my disappointment? DO YOU FEEL MY DISAPPROVING EYES ON THE BACK OF YOUR NECK?! No I’m kidding. But seriously. This is how to vote (accompanied by early 90s boyband hits):

1. If you’re a fellow Featured Publisher, click the link below and click the heart! Whooomp there it is!

2. If you’ve already signed up because you voted the last couple of weeks, click the link then the heart. Everybody get up! 1-2-3-4-5ive’ll make you get down…

3. If you’re not signed up (but we’re into round 4 now so I don’t know WHY you aren’t), click the link, join Foodbuzz (free, easy, no spam, and we all know nobody likes spam. Well. Except when it’s fried. Yum…), then vote for me by clicking the heart. BOOM SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE THE ROOM.

Simples! So come on y’all. Get your votes out, and whilst you’re at it, stick some early 90s hits on and groove. I would approve greatly of that.


See you guys on the other side! Peace and love.

Jax x

Project Food Blog Entry #4: Picture Perfect – Doin’ The Truffle Shuffle


I’m in round 4 of Project Food Blog! I’m totally bowled over. Thank you all SO much for voting for me. Seriously. I am one happy girl. For this round we were told to create a photography step-by-step instructional tutorial.

When I was thinking about this particular post a little somebody insisted on helping me out with it – have you met my little friend down on the bottom left-hand side of my page? That’s Nom Man and he absolutely insisted on being part of this post. Who am I to deny a cute little guy like that? So together Nom Man and myself, Feeder Lady, decided to make some Chilli Chocolate and Matcha Chocolate Truffles. Basic recipe adapted from Delia Smith.


Where Your Votes At?!


It’s that time of the week again! The time when I come home from my catering gig (which I’m totally owning, by the way. Just so ya know…), get onto the computer, read Tweets, read your lovely comments, and say: hey! YOU GUYS SHOULD VOTE FOR ME!

That’s right! I made it through to round THREE of Project Food Blog 2010, and you can help me get through to round four! All yous gots to do is click yo’ mouse. I know. It is that simple.

SO. Just in case y’all confused about what/where you’re going:

1. If you’re a fellow Featured Publisher, click the link below and click the heart! BOOM.

2. If you’ve already signed up because you voted the last couple of weeks, click the link, click the heart, BOOM-TASTIC.

3. If you’re not signed up (and WHY NOT?! Don’t you love me anymore?!), click the link, join up (free, easy, no spam AND you get to be part of an awesome community of foodies – hellooo!) and click the heart. BOOM-DIDDLY.

It is as easy as that. So c’mon guys, let’s keep the dream alive! Vote for me!…I feel like this is some kind of crazy, tired, whacked out candidate speech. I should kiss a baby. Who has a baby for me to kiss? Any takers? No? Okay then. I’ll be quiet now. Vote for me!


Until next time, you know the drill – peace and love.

Jax x

Project Food Blog Entry #3: Luxury Dinner Party – It’s A Mad ‘Mad Men’ World


Luxury 'Mad Men' Dinner Party Menu

Clearly I’m through to round 3 of Project Food Blog – THANK YOU. I’m overjoyed. For this round Foodbuzz asked us to plan and host a luxury dinner party for at least four.

So I have a confession. I’ve always wanted to be a 1950s/60s housewife. I know, it’s a bit weird, especially coming from a British-born Chinese (BBC) girl. Why would I want the constrictions? Am I mad? But it’s because I love the idea of the glamour. I love the clothes. I love the sophistication. I love the Martinis. So when I saw the words ‘Luxury Dinner Party’ all I saw was ‘Mad Men’. What better way to relax and kick-back with friends than with a throwback to times of total sophistication?