Round 2: It’s On, Baby!


Lovely people of the Blogosphere! Voting for entry #2 is now open! Thank you all so much for your votes last time, now you get to do it all over again!

You can vote from 6am PST (2pm GMT) September 27th (that’s today) until 6pm PST (2am GMT (1st)) September 30th (that’s Thursday!). The 200 bloggers who will be progressing to the next round will be announced at 12pm PST (8pm GMT) October 1st (Friday).

So to vote:

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Thank you lovely, wonderful people! Hopefully see you next round ;)


That’s all for now! Help me get through to round #3! Peace and love.

Jax x

Project Food Blog Entry #2: The Classics – How To Cook As If You Know What You’re Doing


Tagine Baby

As you may have guessed by the title of this post I made it through to round 2 of Project Food Blog 2010! A huge, massive, enormous thanks to everyone who voted for me – was thrilled to bits! For challenge 2 we were told to have a go at an “ethnic classic dish from another culture” and see how well we could pull it off. So what did I pick? A Moroccan tagine dish.

Two of my girl friends went to Morocco when they were about 16 and came back raving about everything. They even talked with great fondness about having to bring their own toilet paper up and down mountains. But I’ve never been. When trying to decide what I should cook I asked myself, what would I never think to make? And the answer was a tagine, something I’ve never attempted or eaten very much – Middle-Eastern doesn’t feature heavily on my radar. In fact, it’s so far removed from what I normally do it may as well not exist. But that’s why I loved the idea: why not really have a go at something different?


Let The Voting Commence!


Voting is now open for Project Food Blog 2010! Isn’t that exciting? You can vote from 6am PST (2pm GMT) September 20th (that’s today) until 6pm PST (2am GMT (24th)) September 23rd (that’s Thursday!). The 400 bloggers who will be progressing to the next round will be announced at 12pm PST (8pm GMT) September 24th (Friday).

So here’s what you have to do to vote:

1. If you are already a fellow Featured Publisher or Foodbuzz member, simply click the link below, then click the heart and ta-dah! You’ve voted for me! Yay! Thank you!

2. If you are a friend/family member/stalker/creature-from-the-depths-below-who-only-accesses-the-internet-once-a-year-and-this-is-the-time then join Foodbuzz.com (totally free, you don’t have to have a blog and they won’t send you spam emails!), click the link below, click the heart and yay! You’ve voted for me too!

Thank you a million times over and hey, whilst you’re over at Foodbuzz.com check out the other contestants too! There are some mighty talented people out there!…but wait, I’m supposed to be plugging myself. Er. Vote for me, please. Thank you!


Also, if you haven’t already, you can now Like ‘I Am A Feeder’ on Facebook! See the widget to the right-hand side of the blog!…yes, I have succumbed to the evils of social media. As if Twitter weren’t bad enough ;) But seriously, Like the page to get updates, photos, news and recipes before the rest of the crowd! G’wan, get involved – you know you want to…

Until next time, friends (and there’s a lot to share in my backlog of posts, so I shall be posting again very soon!) – peace and love.

Jax x

Releasing My Inner Foodie Communist: Food For The People By The People #10


Finally getting round to posting the last entry from my foodie competition, details of which can be found here. I know, I’ve been terribly behind with posting recipes and entries of late – what can I say? I’m a working girl, my time is not my own. And the time that is my own is usually exhausted and passed out in a corner somewhere. Anyway, I will pick a winner and announce it by the end of the month, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you want to remind yourself, the other entries are as follows:
Entry #1
Entry #2
Entry #3
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If you missed out this time, never fear, I probably will be running this again, but have a couple of other projects I want to get underway first. Anyway, enough blab about all that. On to the submission: baked cured salmon.


Project Food Blog Entry #1: Ready, Set, Blog! – Why I Am A Feeder


Let them eat cake
Photo by David Mason.

As you may have noticed from the sudden widget that popped up over on the left-hand side of my blog there, I’m entered as a contestant into the Project Food Blog competition over at FoodBuzz, the first interactive food blogging competition. Contestants will be put through their paces through ten different challenges until they are whittled down to just one, and voting will be a combination of official judges and you, the public. Voting for this stage of the competition opens on Monday 20th, by the way, but I’ll post a link when we get there! If you click on my contestant banner you can read a little more about me, or you can learn more about the competition itself through the other links at the top of this post.

For the first challenge we’ve been asked to create a post that “defines you as a food blogger and makes it clear why you think you have what it takes to be the next food blog star”. In all honesty, I’ve been puzzling over this one for a couple of days now. I kept writing a post and then scrapping it because I find it kind of hard to say why I should be the person you vote for. Or what makes me better than any of the other incredibly accomplished Food Bloggers who are entered into this competition (all 2,000 of them; yeah, 2,000). So what is it that sets me apart from all the rest?


How To Be A Great Girlfriend


I wasn’t going to post this recipe for a couple of days, but I just had to. You’ll soon see why. The other day whilst I was talking to David he told me that he had a recipe for me that I absolutely had to try out because it was just so incredibly phenomenal. He was just raving about it like crazy.

David’s best buddy is called Paolo, and he’s allergic to gluten. His girlfriend Robin, who is also David’s housemate, decided to find a gluten-free cake recipe to make just for him, because she is awesome like that. I should also note that I have never met Paolo or Robin, but heard so much about them (plus David’s other Canadian friends) that I almost feel like I have. Almost. Anyway, Robin found, with the help of her Momma, a gluten-free quinoa chocolate cake recipe, and, true to David’s word, it is awesome. Now is that a great girlfriend, or what?


Where My Truffles At?


Truffle Pasta, originally uploaded by jaxies.

As the (lack of) Summer draws to a close I can begin to turn my attention more fully to comfort food. Creamy sauces, rich meals that make you fall into a food coma shortly afterwards… nothing short of wonderful. Winter is the time to get fat. At least if you’re around me, that is. Well, let’s be honest, around me you’re going to get fat no matter the season…

This particular recipe, then, was my last hurrah to summer. I was lucky enough to stumble across some truffle butter and summer truffle at bargain prices, so I could finally make one of the recipes that was screaming out to me from Ina Garten’s Back To Basics – a book I had purchased on a whim and then completely and utterly fallen in love with. Truffle butter tagliatelle was finally going to be on the menu, baby.


The Thyme Is Now


Lemon & Thyme Roast Chicken, originally uploaded by jaxies.

Today has been my completely indulgent and utterly useless day. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to have a full weekend to myself of doing nothing whatsoever, since I’ve been working every Saturday (and some Sundays) for the past month and a bit. Yesterday I had decided that today was going to be dedicated to sleeping and recharging my batteries, and you know what? I didn’t get out of bed until 5pm and it was good. Sometimes you just need to say ‘screw it’, and just take that totally lazy day. When I did finally roll out of bed I felt refreshed and happy, totally at peace with the world – just as it should be.

With cooking, too, you should have a little book of go-to meals that are easy to whip up with nary a thought, and for me roast chicken is just one of those meals. What, after all, is better than a golden crispy-skinned bird with soft, succulent flesh that practically melts in your mouth, accompanied by little baby patooties, all buttery and delicious? Very little, my friend. Very little indeed.


Go Tall-y, It’s Yo’ Birthday!


Mason Matcha-Misu, originally uploaded by jaxies.

I know, I only posted yesterday, but this one I just kinda wanted to show off a little. I’m also going to be a real bitch about it, because the recipe is still in development so I’m not actually going to tell you how to make it!…yet. The photo just turned out so nicely…

May I present to you the Mason Matcha-Misu, a matcha, pistachio and white chocolate tiramisu that I created especially for David, based on and adapted from his family’s mocha tiramisu recipe. On my birthday weekend back in February he actually rocked up to Nottingham holding a giant bowl of said mocha tiramisu for me, which it then took about three days to eat. It was a lovely birthday surprise. In return then, it was his birthday a couple of Sundays ago and I created my version just in time, made him a birthday video and showed it to him, then styled and photographed it, emailed it to him… then ate it. HA. Well I was enjoying it so that he could enjoy it vicariously through me…?


You Bring Me Flowers In The Pouring Rain


Blossoms, originally uploaded by jaxies.

So before David left for Canada he was growing some wonderful vegetables in his garden in London, including some beautiful little zucchini flowers. I had great plans for these flowers, I was going to stuff them, batter them, fry them, bake them – you name it, I was going to do awesome stuff with them. However, David’s flowers got heavily infested with black fly and, sadly, then were unusable by me, so my plans were put on hold.

That is until a family friend, Dee, rocked up with a basket full of zucchini and pumpkin flowers for me. She has an allotment and grows vegetables in abundance, many of which end up being giant monstrosities that she then carts in a wheelbarrow to my mom’s church at Harvest time. I’ve never had much of a green thumb, so I think people who can grow amazing things like that are really rather remarkable. Or maybe it’s not so much that I don’t have much of a green thumb as never having really tried. Maybe that should be my project for next year – growing my own veggies. Anyway. Flowers. I was determined to do them justice. How do I do that? Deep-fry the heck out of them.